15 players resign due to DT continuity

15 players resign due to DT continuity

Fifteen Spanish soccer players, members of the national team, sent an email to the Spanish Football Federation on Thursday announcing their resignation to play for the national team again, arguing that they were not going through their best emotional situation after the entity’s president, Luis Rubiales, did not sack coach Jorge Vilda as requested at the end of August.

The Federation’s response, through a statement, was to redouble its confidence in Vilda and to guarantee that from the entity “she will not allow players to question the continuity of the national coach and his technical staff, because making these decisions is not within his power”.

Indeed, assuring that although disciplinary measures could be taken such as “sanctions of two to five years of disqualification” for not having attended a call from the national team, the federation decided that it would not convene “footballers who do not want to wear the jersey of Spain” and will call “only committed footballers, even if they have to play with young people”, judging that the players who have submitted this resignation “will not return to the future in the discipline of the national team only if they accept their mistake and ask for forgiveness”.

Although officially the names of the protagonists have not been released, according to the Ser channel they were Patri Guijarro, Leila Ouahabi, Mapi León, Ona Batlle, Laia Aleixandri, Claudia Pina, Aitana Bonmatí, Mariona Caldentey, Andrea Pereira , Amaiur Sarriegi, Sandra Paños, Lucía García, Ainhoa ​​Vicente, Nerea Eizagirre and Lola Gallardo. Being mostly Barcelona members, among the senders there is no Real Madrid player… And neither Alexia Putellas, Ballon d’Or and who, injured, will not play again for nine months.

During the last call-up of the national team, a rumor emerged that several footballers had asked Rubiales to sack the coach, which the captain, Irene Paredes, denied in the first person, although she admitted that the atmosphere within the national team was not the best and that they felt that the results were not accompanying the group as they should.

In the background, however, the divorce between the coaching staff and most of the players was already clear, although after Vilda responded to all the rumors by assuring that she felt “with the strength to continue “, Rubiales himself confirmed in the position, something he did again with more force this Thursday.

Spain are due to play their next two games, both friendlies, on October 7 and 11 against Sweden and the United States and the coach, who has a contract until 2024, is due to provide the squad list next week .

The civil war within Spanish football, which has already started the season badly with a strike by the referees, is a reality at all levels and after this resignation of fifteen players to return to the national team, it remains to be seen whether Rubiales will maintain the pulse. and Vilda posts it.

The statement from the Spanish Federation was as follows:

The Royal Spanish Football Federation reports that throughout the day it received 15 emails from 15 players of the senior women’s football team, by coincidence, all with the same wording, in which they state that the current situation generated This affects “significantly” their “emotional state” and their “health” and that, “as long as it is not reversed”, they resign from the Spanish national team.

The RFEF will not allow players to question the continuity of the national coach and his technical staff, because making these decisions is not within their competence. The Federation will not accept any type of pressure from a player when adopting sporting measures. These types of maneuvers are far from exemplary and outside the values ​​of football and sport and are harmful.

Under current Spanish law, failing to attend a national team call-up is classified as a very serious offense and can result in penalties ranging from two to five years disqualification. The RFEF, contrary to the way of acting of these actors, makes a point of specifying that it will not push them to this extreme nor will it put pressure on them. Directly, he will not summon footballers who do not want to wear the Spain shirt. The Federation will only have committed footballers even if they have to play with young people.

This fact has gone from a sports question to a question of dignity. Selection is non-negotiable. This is an unprecedented situation in the history of football, men’s and women’s, in Spain and in the world.

The present and the future of Spain lie in the potential of the lower categories and the players who were proclaimed this summer U-20 world champions and

European Under-19 champions, in addition to obtaining the European Under-17 sub-championship.

The national team needs players committed to the project, defending our colors and proud to wear the jersey of Spain.

Football players who have submitted their resignation will only return to the national team discipline in the future if they accept their mistake and ask for forgiveness.

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