2022 F1 Dutch GP: Alpine welcomes Fernando Alonso’s commitment

2022 F1 Dutch GP: Alpine welcomes Fernando Alonso’s commitment

Ewas the first grand prix after Fernando Alonso announce his departure Alpinehis present squire, to go to Aston Martin in 2023. But, in case of doubt, the Spaniard achieved a good performance with the Frenchman, with a third place on the starting grid and a fifth in the race against the seventh of his teammate Esteban Ocon.

the team leader, Otmar Szafnauer, said he was not surprised by the performance of the double champion when asked about the commitment of Oviedo. “Yes absolutely. do exactly the same. Before I come to talk to the media, we just had the post-race meeting, and he highlighted the areas where the car felt good and the things we can improve and what we should do to the next race. Fernando he is totally committed do my best until the end,” he said.

The director denied that the relationship between the two deteriorated due to the non-renewal of his contract. “Yes, it’s no different,” I replied.

team orders

The leader admitted that they had given the order to their two participants not to fight in the final stretch of the event. “Yes, changing their position or letting them compete at that time made no sense. Because you don’t earn more points and you risk losing a lot of them. So it made no sense. I am totally in favour, as you have known for these years, of letting the pilots compete. That’s what I think it’s about. This is what the fans want to see and we can’t forget them. But when you get to the final laps of the race and there’s nothing to gain from the team’s point of view, you gotta do something smart. And that’s exactly what we did.”

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