2022 F1 Dutch GP: Fernando Alonso: “I apologize to Hamilton, he’s a great champion”

2022 F1 Dutch GP: Fernando Alonso: “I apologize to Hamilton, he’s a great champion”

Prefers to putting out the fire and that things remain what they are after the controversy sparked at the Belgian Grand Prix. Fernando Alonso assured today, upon his arrival on the circuit in the Netherlands, that he has nothing against Hamilton. Rather the opposite. He was serene while analyzing the tense situation experienced on the radio just after the contact between the two world champions. Still later in the afternoon, he drove to Mercedes to collect the cylinder head cap that Hamilton had dedicated to him.

Without wanting to dwell on it, he assured that the accident between the two, which put Lewis out of action after a few turns due to a problem in the cooling system, it was a “first lap incident”. In any case, he didn’t want to stop emphasizing the press. “When you say something, and I’m sorry to repeat it, against a British driver, it has a huge media impact,” Alonso said.

And insists on putting out the fire. He doesn’t want any more trouble about it. Because he understands that it was a tense moment that could have happened to anyone. “I’m sorry, I don’t think about what I said at the time. It was an accident in the first round and we are all very close“, he assumes in front of the media on his arrival on the circuit. Seeing the rehearsals, he admits, he also doesn’t believe that Hamilton wasn’t to blame. These are things that happen in the first corners.

The problem, he admits, is that on the radio it looks like you’re only talking to your engineer, but often everything you say in public is heard. “Adrenaline pumping, hot, finally battling for a top 2, I made those comments I shouldn’t have made. But at the same time, I already said after the race that it was a racing incident. On the radio, you think you’re talking to the engineer, with whom you prepared the strategy,” he says.

And he also compares it to other sports, because having the race situation, “you go second, something happens and you talk to your engineer. You should be aware that it is broadcast. If you make a football tackle, you can make a comment that is not broadcast. Our media time is before and after the race, so I said what I thought. I don’t think so,” he insists. He says so repeatedly, denying any claims that he actually thinks Lewis is “an idiot.”

Be sure to talk to Lewis when you see him and “I apologize if I understood it that way. I have no problem with him, I have enormous respect for him“.

“Quieter on the Radio”

He is sorry for the turn things are taking. He thinks that from now on he will try to talk less on the radio. “There should be some intimacy with the team, but try to shut up on the radio and not be on a show I don’t agree with.“, he justifies. And he adds: “I know it’s part of the ‘show’ and only the most pungent comments are broadcast”.

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