2022 World Series: Houston fans mock Philly restaurants that didn’t accommodate Astros’ catering requests

2022 World Series: Houston fans mock Philly restaurants that didn’t accommodate Astros’ catering requests

With the 2022 World Series, he is moving to Philadelphia, where he is Astros eat has become a source of controversy. At least one local restaurant reportedly received backlash from Houston fans after it was unable to accommodate the Astros’ catering request.

Angelo’s Pizzeria turned down the Astros when approached about a possible catering deal. Angelo’s was originally accused of providing food for Houston, but they vehemently denied the claim in an Instagram story.

After the post hit social media, owner Danny DiGiampietro says the restaurant immediately received backlash from Houston fans on social media. DiGiampietro told the New York Post that Angelo just can’t take the Astros in such a short time.

“We have no problem cooking for anybody,” DiGiampietro said. “The problem was that it was so late. I have to be here at 3, 4 in the morning to bake all the bread. There was simply no way, so it didn’t work.

“People tell me there are stories that we left the Astros malnourished and all that, and that was not the case at all. There was no nefarious intent behind it and no ill will.”

When Houston fans got word of the store, “all hell broke loose” for Angelo’s, DiGiampietro says. Some Houston fans even found DiGiampietro’s home address and license plate and shared them online.

One Twitter user claims to be a relative of Angelo’s employee Astros fans reportedly called in bomb threats. DiGiampietro also claimed that callers have been stalking the store for several days.

“There are TikTok challenges to throw steaks in my face, get $250… Girls [working at Angelos] they were saying people with southern accents were calling the phones, telling us to ‘eat st’ and ordering pizzas,” DiGiampietro said.

Mike’s BBQ was also deemed to have taken down. The Astros asked about catering for the team, based on a screenshot posted by the restaurant, but the establishment explained that they would never deny anyone food. Instead, Houston had the wrong information, and Mike directed the team to the appropriate restaurant.

The Astros need some sustenance afterwards Phillies blasted them, 7-0, in Game 3 to take a 2-1 series lead. Houston needs a win in the worst way on Wednesday night, or the Phillies will have a chance to end the streak at home on Thursday.

Game 4 begins at 8:03 PM ET on Fox and streaming on fuboTV (try it for free), along Phillies road Aaron Nola back to the mound to start. It will go against the Astros Christian Xavierwho threw 5 1/3 innings against the team New York Yankees in his last appearance.

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