32 free games on ViX and open TV, 8 on ViX+ and 24 on SKY

32 free games on ViX and open TV, 8 on ViX+ and 24 on SKY

Television formalized its plans for the World Cup Qatar 2022 which will start on November 20. confirmed that the company will have exclusive digital rights to the World Cup for Mexico, we will be able to watch matches, highlights and clips through its platforms and social networks.

They reiterated that ViX, the free streaming platform, will stream 30 free world cup games onlinematches that can also be seen in a “traditional” way on television on the Las Estrellas, Canal 5 or N+ channels.

In the case of ViX+, Televisa’s paid service will retain eight exclusive matches that can only be seen online. It was made clear from the start that the matches of the Mexican team will be free and will be broadcast on open television and on ViX.

The remaining 24 matches remain for satellite television with SKYbeyond these matches, will be the the only service in Mexico that will broadcast a total of 64 matches of Qatar 2022, the only detail is that 32 can also be seen on open television.

Beyond the matches, Televisa reserves the right to broadcast highlights, goals or any other element of the match via its social networks, digital platforms or directly on the TUDN YouTube channel.

So far, it is unknown which games will be released by each Televisa platform. More details are expected in the coming weeks.

TV Azteca, only on TV

At the end of August, TV Azteca also presented the proposal they will have for Qatar 2022, confirming that will broadcast a total of 32 matches from the World Cup, perhaps the same from Televisa on open television and on the Internet.

What’s interesting is that on TV Azteca, they made it clearer to us the panorama of the matches that will be broadcast:

  • Mexico’s three matches in the group stage.
  • Portugal’s three matches in the group stage.
  • Parties from Brazil.
  • Two games for Spain.
  • France and England matches.

How they will be broken down will be the 23 broadcast matches of the group stage, the four matches of the round of 16 and quarter-finals, the two semi-finals and the final.

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