49ers celebrate having ‘starter’ as backup quarterback in Jimmy Garoppolo

49ers celebrate having ‘starter’ as backup quarterback in Jimmy Garoppolo

With ‘Jimmy G’ remaining in the squad, Kyle Shanahan acknowledged that new starter Trey Lance, 22, will have valuable support off the bench.

The head coach of the San Francisco 49ersKyle Shanahanapplauded this Tuesday only with the permanence of Jimmy Garoppolohis team secures a starting quarterback as a backup.

“We have a quarterback starting as backup; it was to say ‘Oh my God’ Jimmy Garoppolo he is available as an alternate quarterback. There’s no way it’s bad for our team.” shanahan at a press conference.

Last Monday Garoppolo restructured its contract to remain with the 49ers for one year in exchange for $6.5 million, plus half a million additional bonuses, this deal will allow the quarterback to be free to choose where to emigrate in 2023.

In 2021, the 30-year-old quarterback led San Francisco at the end of National Conference in which he fell in front of the Ramsin a match in which he was criticized for the interception he suffered in the last game of the duel.

For the 2022 season, the starting quarterback will be the rookie Trey Lancetaken in the first round of the repechage last year, which in the preseason accumulated praise until the last game in which the offense of the 49ers He went to zero in the loss to the Texas.

With the permanence of Garoppolo on the team, shanahan recognized that Spearwho is 22, will have valuable support off the bench.

“It’s the team Treythere is nothing against jimmywe made this decision a year ago, and we continue on this path, but we recognize the quality of jimmy. This deal makes sense for him and for us, we have nothing to think about,” he said.

The head coach made reference to the fact that Garoppolo he was available in the market to be taken by any team, but they all let him down.

“The rest of the league had a chance to get it and I feel very lucky they didn’t.”

Garoppolo reaches the 49ers coming from New England Patriots in 2017, a team in which he was a substitute for Tom Bradyconsidered the best player in the history of the NFL.

In five campaigns with the Niners He has a record of 31 wins and 14 losses as a starting quarterback; He completed 66 touchdown passes and had 38 interceptions, adding 11,162 yards.

also led to San Francisco Al Super Bowl LIVE who lost against Kansas City Chiefs.

During week 1 of the 2022 season, the San Francisco 49ers will debut against Chicago Bears next September 11.

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