5 root vegetables you can add to your diet to control blood sugar levels

5 root vegetables you can add to your diet to control blood sugar levels

If you have high blood sugar, it is very important to add root vegetables to your diet. Eating a nutritious and healthy diet is key to maintaining body health and avoiding disease. Root vegetables are one of the most useful foods you can add to your diet.

Many people don’t know that root vegetables can also help maintain normal blood sugar levels. You should consider these five root vegetables that are good for diabetics.


Beetroot is one of the most nutritious vegetables that you can include in your diet if you suffer from diabetes. Eating beets can help improve the body’s response to insulin sensitivity. Moreover, beets can reduce the chances of complications such as nerve and eye damage. Beetroot contains essential nutrients such as betalain and neobetanin that help lower blood sugar levels and keep them in the desired range.


Carrots contain vital nutrients such as vitamin A, vitamin C, vitamin K, potassium, fiber and iron. It is considered an excellent addition to your diet if you have problems with high blood sugar levels. Rich in essential nutrients, carrots can be consumed in the form of salad and juice.


Turnips are rich in vitamins, minerals, fiber and antioxidants. These vegetables can also help you maintain normal blood sugar levels. Turnips, which are low in carbohydrates and rich in fiber, further help lower cholesterol levels.


Including red onion in your diet can help reduce high blood sugar levels. Onions are low in calories but packed with essential nutrients, vitamins, fiber and minerals. Onions are known to have a decent amount of potassium, and the fiber in onions takes time to break down and digest, which ensures a slow release of sugar into the bloodstream.


Radishes contain chemical compounds such as glucosinolate and isothiocyanate that keep blood sugar levels under control. Consuming radish is extremely beneficial and provides you with several health benefits. It is a great vegetable for diabetics because it increases your body’s natural production of adiponectin. This is the hormone that protects you from insulin resistance.

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