5 times Queen Elizabeth II broke the internet

5 times Queen Elizabeth II broke the internet

During his 70 years as monarch of Britainthe Queen Isabella II he behaved with elegance, grace and dignity. Occasionally, however, he let his spiritual side shine through.

For this reason in piece of technology we present to you 5 moments viral of Queen.

James Bond jump out of a plane

To start the 2012 Olympicsthe Queen Isabella II in partnership with the agent 007, James Bond.

His grand entrance at the opening ceremony featured a video by a helicopter flying over the Olympic Stadium. Before Obligation could come out, the “Queenparachuted out of the helicopter Union Jack as he walked down to the ceremony.

Even though the video was made with a stuntman, it shows the hilarious sense of humor of Isabella II. Currently the video has more than dand 56 million views on YouTube and more 526,000 likes.

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The queen says “Nah!”

He is video of ra He turned around viral when it became popular on the social network ICT Tac. The original was filmed in 2005 to document the monarch seated for a portrait to celebrate his eightieth birthday.

In this video, at a certain point, the queen He said to the painter “I grow old in front of you”, to which the artist replied “Does that bother you?” Her Majesty replied, in the most nonchalant way possible, “Nope‘.

A user of ICT Tac shared the clip and wrote: “The Queen answer a question like all the guys in the UK“. I can’t forget that the Queen Nan dice”.

The viral clip caused users to ICT Tac call the “legendary” queen. One fan wrote, “This is the most relevant thing I’ve ever seen with her,” and another said, “I’m crying!”

The video so far has more than 400,000 likesmore than 4,000 comments, more than 11,000 shares and 2.7 million views.

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“ma’amelade” sandwich

As part of the celebrations of the platinum jubilee of the Queen, in June 2022the royal family released a moving video of two British icons: the Queen herself and the Paddington Bear.

The video shows to monarch Already Paddington drink tea and show their sandwiches of Jamwhich everyone knows is the favorite dish of Paddington.

The clip So far it has more than 5 million views and more than 140,000 likes.

“She is so funny”

Another of the videos on the platform ICT Tac in which the queen became viral it is the one in which he sums up some of his best expressions, phrases and gestures.

The clipuploaded to account british royaltypresents the queen of UK making jokes to his loved ones and was well received by thousands of fans, who praised the good humor of the sovereign.

“She’s so much fun”is the title of the publication received 1 million likesmore than 5,000 comments more than 5,000 shared and 4.5 million views.

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Little Prince Louis steals the Queen’s camera

Queen Elizabeth lost the limelight for a time during her Platinum Jubilee celebrations, the big celebrations for her 70 years of reign this 2022.

It is that his great-grandchildren George, Charlotte and, above all, Louis -the children of Prince William and Kate Middleton- attracted all eyes with their attitudes and gestures on the balcony of Buckingham Palace in front of a crowd in London.

Louisfour years old, is the youngest of the three and the one who was the most expressive during the parade: he covered his ears hovering planesmade funny faces at the audience and even seemed bored at times during the ceremony.

Photo scanned the Internet and caused a lot of memes.

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