6-year-old Macomb County boy dies of RSV

6-year-old Macomb County boy dies of RSV

(WXYZ) – The Oakland County Medical Examiner says a 6-year-old boy died of RSV.

This comes as pediatric hospitals across the state are filling up. Currently, 77% of pediatric beds are occupied.

After this untimely death, pediatricians are asking parents to get back to the basics of washing hands, covering coughs and staying home when sick.

“Emergency centers are always filled with patients with RSV. Every time you go somewhere people keep saying my son or daughter has RSV,” said Melissa Parker, a mother and pediatric nurse.

Just a few days ago, her three-week-old son, Owen, came down with RSV. He is now recovering and his symptoms are improving.

RSV is spread through the respiratory tract and can be serious for younger children with weakened immune systems.

Symptoms of RSV include coughing, sneezing, fever, wheezing, and loss of appetite.

“I think what we’re seeing will continue through the winter and we’re going to have a lot of other viruses coming in. Pediatric hospitals are struggling to get the staff we need. It’s going to be a long winter,” said Dr. Whitney Minnock of Beaumont Children’s Hospital.

In the past two months, Cornwell Health, formerly known as Beaumont, has seen a 777% increase in patients testing positive for RSV.

In September, 95 out of 1,587 patients in the emergency center tested positive. In October, the number rose to 833 out of 5,515 patients.

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