80% of Mexican fans reject Funes Mori as Qatar striker

80% of Mexican fans reject Funes Mori as Qatar striker

After Gerard Martino confirmed that only three attackers will be included in the final list for Qatar 2022the controversy broke out as soon as we learned that Henry Martin there Santiago Gimenez They were competing for the last place.

And it is that, for Martino, Raúl Jiménez there Rogelio Funes Mori they have their guaranteed place in the next World Cup unless injuries prevent them, a problem that seems unlikely to many.

But fans think otherwise and to reflect that, REGISTRATION has launched a survey through its social networks to find out which is the trident that the Nanny Martino must lead to world and the response is overwhelming.

Over 80% of readers said that Rogelio Funes Mori don’t deserve to be in Qatar 2022 and that it must therefore be the attacker excluded by the technical staff.

Incredible as it may seem, it follows Raul Jimenezwho although he is the favorite of Gerard Martino fans are concerned about his lack of activity with the Wolverhampton of premier league and thus eight percent of the votes chose him as sacrificed.

For its part, Santiago Gimenez there Henry Martin They have been fan favorites to represent Mexico in the fair

The Eagles striker has 10 goals in the Opening 2022 and he’s one of the better-formed strikers, so there’s even been talk of starting in the fair.

Funes Mori not a favorite to be Tri's striker in Qatar

While Santiago Gimenez won the acceptance of the Mexican fan after his exceptional participation with the Feyenoord of Erevision and they want the young footballer to have the opportunity to be in Qatar 2022 with the Mexican team.


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