A former F1 champion and his anecdote in the Alpine simulator: “It made me nauseous”

A former F1 champion and his anecdote in the Alpine simulator: “It made me nauseous”

Jacques Villenueve, F1 champion with Williams in 1997you talked about the weather tried the alpine simulator and how bad it wasbecause I felt like I was driving a real Formula 1 car. The Canadian was going to test last year’s Alpine at Monza and for that he had to do some preparation work in the simulator.

It made me nauseous. When you hit the brakes, your brain thinks you’re in a Formula 1 car, forget that you are in a simulator. You think you are dealing with G-forces when you are not. You’re supposed to feel a weight in your head and arms, but you don’t.. Instead of feeling the weight of the belts, you feel the weight of the seat, it’s the opposite of what you should feel,” he explains in ‘Racing News 365’.

“That’s when the brain says ‘Something’s wrong over there, it’s like you’re eating mushrooms or something. That’s why the brain tries to make you nauseous, it thinks you took something you shouldn’t have. As long as your brain manages to dissociate the real part from the simulator, then everything is fine. It’s when you make it real that your brain thinks you’re in a car,” he says.

Regarding the test with the real car, he was very impressed: “The car was actually very stable, it’s quite easy to drive, but it has a lot of grip. Speed…your brain really has a hard time understanding that. You’re anchored to the ground and feel like you’re watching a time-lapse movie. It is really impressive”.

He comments that the simulator helped him find the braking points: “After the laps in the simulator and seeing them roll, I discovered the braking point. I was like ‘Okay, your brain remembers everything: the lines and everything from 15-16 years ago. Even the stop signs where you have to brake, everything is there“.

Complete, is surprised by these modern F1s“Even without braking, it looks like a parachute is slowing the car down. I don’t remember ever having had the opportunity to drive such a stable car.. I was afraid that I wouldn’t be able to lift my head, but I managed to do it. Today I’m dying of pain“.

Formula 1 has changed a lot in recent decades due to changing regulations and it’s completely normal for a rider who raced in the 90s to feel so much difference when riding a current single-seater.

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