A Guide to American Football | Sports

A Guide to American Football | Sports

Cover of “More Football Lessons”

The social environment determines not only which sports are played, but also which are understood and which are shunned due to apparent difficulty in interpreting its rules. If someone wants, for example, to explain offside in football in a European or Latin American environment, they will do so by the authority of experience rather than by having sat down to read the rules of the game. Watching it so much, you will know when it happens; detailing such a complex rule will be another story.

There are sports which, in the popular imagination of the uninitiated, are really difficult to interpret. American football is one of them. Being a new universe that brings a huge amount of unknown information, it can overwhelm newbies. However, the appearance of the Internet has allowed the sport to go beyond the borders of the United States and millions of people have been able to learn more about it or begin to understand it and, with it, enjoy it. Also to share what they knew.

A Cincinnati Bengals fan attends Super Bowl LVI on February 12, 2022.Photo: SAM GREENE / AP | Video: J. MARMISA / J. CASAL

Rubén Ibeas and Marco Álvarez are a clear example of acquired and shared passion. And now they present More soccer lessons (Corner), a corrected, enlarged and updated edition of the first edition of the volume. Ibeas and Álvarez have a great advantage: their passion for this sport. This passion becomes a desire to add fans. And they undertake the mission in an educational spirit, full of empathy towards newcomers. The roles of the team, the different types of coaches, the concepts used in the champion teams or even the complete and studied strategy behind each game. But also details for the experts and a lot of history of the sport. And a loving and generational memory for John Madden, one of the main characters in the history of the NFL, who died in 2021 and whose authors seem to have inherited the illusion of transmitting and spreading the love of American football.

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