A lion fan falls in love with a policeman at the stadium; ask for help to find it

A lion fan falls in love with a policeman at the stadium; ask for help to find it

A young Club Leon Fan He was completely knocked out by a security guard guarding the location where his team beat Querétaro last Sunday, so he asked social media users for help in locating her.

Through his tik tok accountuser AkSaucedo shared a clip where the policewoman is seen wearing her shield and helmet while showing a serious face, but seconds later she realizes she is being recorded and smiles slightly.

“TikTok do your thing,” is the message the lover shared with the recording, which was set to music with the song “Bandido” by singer Ana Barbabawhich has been used in social networks to imply that you want to locate a person.

“Please share it, yesterday was the game again, I know we can find it. Greetings from Leóndres, ”he commented in the same publication.

Users reacted to a particular request and there are some who commented that they would help the young man. Additionally, some tagged the same León team to join the search.

“You will find her brother, I believe in the power of Christ the King and the Internet”, “I believe in love at first sight brother I know you will find this girl nothing is stronger than the Internet”, “let’s go for it ‘feat brother don’t lose hope. Greetings from Ecuador’, are some of the comments.

According to AkaSaucedo himself, so far the only information he has is that the young policewoman’s name is Zulema.

@aksaucedo TikTok do your thing. #parati #foryou #leonstadium #tebuscarebandido original sound – 3l.Yuma

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