“A lot of footballers would like to be in my place”

“A lot of footballers would like to be in my place”

Santiago Ormeno regained his confidence with the goal he scored against Monterreynow he wants to earn a starting position in the draw Richard Chain and show that it doesn’t weigh you down to play in it Chivas.

“It’s always important to find the goal again. The truth is that I’m very happy, I think it happened at a very important moment for me,” he said in an interview with REGISTRATION.

“It’s a source of pride. I think a lot of footballers would like to be in my shoes, that’s why I work in the best way, to take advantage of my opportunities and give the club what they need from me”, he added.

After his arrival, many fans criticized him because he represents the Peruvian national team and because in his first matches he had poor performances. however, he didn’t let those negative comments get to him.

“We are public figures and we are exposed to all of this. You have to know how to deal with it. Obviously at some point they can affect you, but it is essential to be mentally fit so that it does not affect you so much and you can perform well on the pitch,” he commented.

Santiago Ormeno know that in Chivas there is more demand than Puebla there Leonso he works every day to reach his best level and give a lot of joy to the 40 million rojiblancos fans.

lamenting ormeño

“Of course there is more demand than in my previous teams. It is the most popular team in the country and the demand is at this level. We all have to be prepared, we always try to do our best, but sometimes the results are given and other times they are not”, he concluded.


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