A table tennis player denounces having been raped when she was a minor by a colleague

A table tennis player denounces having been raped when she was a minor by a colleague

Table tennis player Cielo Rotryng Álvarez.

Argentinian table tennis player Cielo Rotryng Álvarez denounced his Chilean colleague Juan Lamadrid Barraza for sexually abusing her during an event at the National Center for High Level Sport (Cenard), when she was 14 years old.

The young woman who turns 19 today decided to file a complaint in court and gave a television interview in his defense. “You realize when the facts are a little clarified and when gather the courage to do it and face the world that surrounds us and is quite difficult for these things, ”said the athlete in dialogue with TN.

Now the justice of the Transandean country is analyzing the extradition request requested by the National Jurisdiction at the National and Correctional Court N° 40.

“At the time, I had difficulty in assimilating the facts and I did not want to denounce, I was very scared because I knew there would be a lot of talk and my sports career was going to be at stake.. Later I realized that when you do things right, nothing can go wrong,” he said.

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As he explained, the abuse allegedly occurred on December 14, 2017 during the Argentine Republic Table Tennis Open, event that brought together minor and major athletes. “It was premeditated“, supported Rotryng Álvarez, and related: “What happened is that I was going to a place and he appeared behind me and it was like, ‘no, we take another path”.

“The following year, I left the national team and wanted to stop going to Cenard, because It was a place where I didn’t feel comfortable. What mobilized me was that I didn’t want any girl (woman), neither younger nor older, you have to go through it and today the precautions to be taken must be much more important”, revealed the table tennis player.

However, he manages to get out of it. And today highlighted the support he found in his female colleagues. “I feel very supported by other actors in the field, not only Argentinian but also global. I received a lot of support and important statements for the cause“, he added.

In the same vein, he pointed out that from the Cenard “they were always available, the same by the authorities as those of the Argentine Table Tennis Federation (FATM)”.

“Right now I’m trying to get back into sport, but more than anything recreationally because it was something that made me happy.“, he added.

The Chilean athlete Juan Lamadrid Barraza, denounced.

The Chilean athlete Juan Lamadrid Barraza, denounced.

“Unfortunately, no one was surprised and that’s what makes the most noisehe said of his complaint. And he referred to the behavior of the Chilean, who threatened to bring his own complaints. “He does not collaborate and is free to lead his normal life. Go to public places where people see you. Very hidden is not”. “He’s a very self-centered person,” he concluded.

According to the Chilean press, Lamadrid is a well-known athlete in the middle. The way mega news broadcast messages in which the young man brings up the subject. “I’m super worried. They make me laugh,” he said on his Instagram account. And I add:I’m from the street, I have codes, I have a sister, I have a mom, they don’t know me. I’m going to sue them all and they’re going to have to pay me. Either they pay me or they go to jail. Short”.

From Chile they claim that the athlete no longer goes to the usual places or at its training center.

Before filing a complaint, the young woman had decided to denounce him socially on social networks. For this reason, on June 3, he posted a reflection on his Instagram account. “How long will these things continue to happen to us? It was not my dress, nor the time nor the place. If there is no consent, it is rape. Today I decide not to be silent anymore“, had expressed Rotryng Alvarez,

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