A van crashes through a fence in Colorado Springs, stopped by a tree

A van crashes through a fence in Colorado Springs, stopped by a tree

COLORADO SPRINGS, Colo. (KKTV) – No serious injuries were reported after a van crashed through a fence in Colorado Springs on Wednesday.

Witnesses in the neighborhood along Escondido Dr. near Tomah Dr. they shared with 11 News surveillance video showing part of the incident. Around 1:30 p.m., the video shows the van rolling down Escondido Drive with a person chasing it. A few seconds after the van passes, you can hear the van hit the fence. Watch the surveillance video at the top of this article or click here.

KKTV 11 News Chief Photographer Mike Petkash arrived at the scene of the crash and noted that it appeared a tree behind a fence on the hill may have prevented the van from entering the parking lot shared by several businesses, or may have even prevented the van from hitting the building.

The person who chased the van was taken to the hospital for evaluation. Colorado Springs police say the man will be charged with an unattended vehicle, a parking violation. The ticket will cost him

The van hangs over the platform, stopped only by a tree.

$35. As for property damage including the fence, mailbox and downed tree, those issues can be a civil matter.

WATCH: Van crashes through fence in Colorado Springs, stopped by tree

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