A young man tunnels Ronaldhino and the Brazil star lights up

A young man tunnels Ronaldhino and the Brazil star lights up

And a young man dared to do the unthinkable, to do a tunnel nothing less than brazilian star Ronaldinho; his reaction went viral.

There is no doubt that what “burns” the most for any footballer is that he makes a pipe, that is, a tunnel in the middle of the match.

Ronaldinho, or said “Dinho”, took a lot of shots at his rivals, it was something that characterized him, in addition to his incredible dribbles and feints.

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However, the former Barcelona player has now turned out to be a ‘tunnel victim’.

It turns out that “Dinho” was in a concentration to perform a promotion, however, while passing in a corridor, accompanied by several people, a young man played a joke on him.

The youngster, apparently an influencer, dug a tunnel for the Brazilian star as he walked so the ball went through the middle of his legs.

This ignited Ronaldinho who immediately tried to take the ball in an action to hit it hard but was unsuccessful.

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It split opinions on social media among those who didn’t see it so badly that the youngster made a mess of ‘Dinho’, while others disapproved of the former AC player’s attitude Milano.

What is a reality is that this video has gone viral on social networks.


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