Absent the shutdown, Padres and Giants would play in Mexico

Absent the shutdown, Padres and Giants would play in Mexico

The Marlins were also thought of, but in the next few days the Padres and Giants would be confirmed.

MEXICO – San Diego Padres and San Francisco Giants are the Major League Baseball teams that would play in Mexico next year, and all that remains is to define the promoter of the event, which could happen at any time.

A source revealed to ESPN that we first thought of playing in the Alfredo Harp Stage Padres and Miami Marlins, but ultimately decided to fathers there giantskeeping the same scenario.

However, until today, the question of the organizing entity had not been settled, which posed a certain problem since it was a question of taking the teams Monterreyin case there is no agreement.

The same source commented that in the next few days the engagement should be closed and formalized any moment now. “I know Don Alfredo has a meeting with these people,” the source said.

On the other hand, a close Red Devils He said he would have no objection to fathers there giants occupy their original stadium, and it would only be a matter of adjusting the dates as has happened in other types of shows.

“The calendar could be adjusted, our dates changed. On other occasions, when Diablos played at Foro Sol, they changed the dates of the concerts, and in this case something similar could happen.

Provisionally, the visit dates of fathers there giants a Mexico They will be at the end of April 2023 and there remains the dilemma of whether baseball teams will pay for the use of the property or if it will be free, considering that their presence would be a box office magnet for Mexican fans. . .

the visit of fathers there giants a Mexico They join what other Major League teams have done in other years, like the White Sox, Athletics, Orioles, Cleveland, Reds, Washington, Pirates, Yankees and Mets, Mariners and Dodgers.

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