After claiming that gender is a construct, the Dems now want us to care that Hochul is a woman

After claiming that gender is a construct, the Dems now want us to care that Hochul is a woman

What is a woman? Just in time for the election, the Democrats seem to know again.

On Thursday, Gov. Hochul, who planned to cruise easily to re-election but now has the indignity of having to actually campaign for votes, brought the big guns to help her effort. Hillary Clinton and Kamala Harris lateral Hochul with the words “New York Women vote” behind them. Referring to Teddy Roosevelt’s “man in the arena” speech, Hochul tied it to herself, saying that “for the first time in history, a woman entered the arena.”

Wow, wow, that’s kind of transphobic, isn’t it? After all, how can we be sure that all the men who were governors before Hochul were not actually women? We simply cannot know. And we can’t risk giving birth to them wrongly because that leads to a fine in New York.

For that reason, Hochul obviously shouldn’t get any credit for being New York’s first female governor. Similarly, we cannot be sure that Harris is the first female vice president or Clinton is the first female presidential nominee from a major party. Sorry ladies, you make the rules.

“Women” mostly talked about abortion, because apparently that’s all we little ladies care about anyway — not crime, inflation, quality of life, or how test scores have fallen in regions of the country, like New York, where The Democrats kept the schools closed unnecessarily during the pandemic. “To all of you, but especially to the women of New York: This is our moment,” Hochul said.

Women can be forgiven for wondering what exactly that moment entails. Hochul is running away from crime in New York, Harris is part of an administration trying to get out of inflation, and Hillary Clinton exists on the national stage mostly to insult us into voting Democrat, as she did last week when she told voters “ they don’t really understand” what is at stake in the by-elections. Maybe they understand and they want to vote out a candidate using femininity as a political weapon and treating half the population as some small special interest group. Maybe they understand perfectly.

Writer Ayaan Hirsi Ali he joked on Twitter, “Hilary, Harris and Hochul as role models for girls? Heavens! No wonder so many are switching. It’s not fun waiting for that.”

2022 may be the year Democrats realize they can’t take the female vote for granted and just scream “Abortion!” in our country, election day is approaching. So many of us fed up with politics that hurts our families and rhetoric that erases our femininity. This could be the year we declare to women who think we owe them our vote because we are of the same sex: “We are women! And we are not voting for you.”

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