Alcaraz’s New Weapon

Alcaraz’s New Weapon

This US Open was the first Grand Slam where the practice of “coaching” was legal. Or what is the same, Coaches’ comments to their players were allowed during games. This measure was approved on July 11 at the ATP, and since then it has been tested, mainly on the North American tour. In the Masters 1000 before the New York tournament, coaches could be seen giving messages to their students, and even the microphones that the televisions placed in the dressing rooms allowed the spectators to hear these instructions perfectly.

During the last Major of the year, this innovation (which had detractors and followers) made it possible to bring the enormous work carried out by a coach closer to the general public. Its personification was Juan Carlos Ferrero, and it is that the messages of the current coach of Carlos Alcaraz have been fundamental in the future of several encounters of the Murcian, especially in the second week of the tournament. Since the round of 16 Carlitos did not have it easy at all and he came up against tough rivals whom he had to beat in five sets up to three times in a row. to finally be able to lift the title of champion. But, at every difficult moment, Ferrero’s words helped the 19-year-old pull through.

at the start of the game in front of cilicfrom the round of 16, Carlitos did not feel at all comfortable in front of the Croatian’s powerful serves. “Calm down and think. Go, convinced of your blows, rejoice,” Ferrero told him in the third set with the game tied. Shortly after, the coach would offer Alcaraz to subtract from further, which was a complete game-changer. “Pretend to Kick, Right”, told his tennis player at a key moment that he could condemn the duel. Said and done, that’s what Carlitos did. The Murcian wasn’t comfortable in the first leg against Sinner either. The Italian put in difficulty an Alcaraz who had no answer and who ended up showing frustration with his box. “Talk to me, where am I going? I don’t know how to get out”he shouted at his trainer in a tense moment between the two. “How helpful,” he complained. “We don’t give up,” replied the Valencian. “Squeeze leftovers to the nearest second. If there is a second service, at most”he told him Johnny in what turned out to be one of the keys to the reaction of Carlitos, who saved match point against and earned an epic victory.

In this game, a phrase was also heard that will be remembered for a long time, this time from Alcaraz. “I am a bull”, told the Spaniard in his box when he returned. Ferrero’s assist also appeared in the semi-final against Tiafoe, where Carlitos sometimes blamed the lack of ideas. “The second serve, when you can’t see it clearly, shoot hard and to the center”, he told her to try to calm down about the situation. He did the same in the big game, the final against Ruud. “Charly, convince yourself that you have to go for the game. Nothing else is worth it. Let’s go for that”, motivated him to search for a more recognizable Alcaraz. “We’re going to be tough on the top three until you take the initiative. Positive all the time”, he tells her in the most delicate moments. The ever bossy Alcaraz proved he blindly trusted Ferrero and, with the coaching allowed, added a new weapon to his already extensive repertoire.

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