Alejandro Zendejas, the figure of America that Chivas let slip after paying 400 thousand dollars

Alejandro Zendejas, the figure of America that Chivas let slip after paying 400 thousand dollars

The Eagles striker is having his best time in Liga MX, but it hasn’t all been easy, due to his brief and complicated spell with Chivas

Alexander Zendejas live your best moment with America being an important piece in Fernando Ortiz’s scheme, but the 24-year-old wouldn’t shine with the Eagles if he hadn’t previously worn the colors of sport’s biggest rival, Chivaswhere they could not exploit their conditions.

Zendejas I manage to Chivas after the scouting carried out by Matías Almeyda, who saw the then 18-year-old player with FC Dallas, so after three months they did not hesitate to shell out less than half a million dollars, although the young have barely had any activity with the first team, appearing in only 20 games with the U-20 team, six in Copa MX and two in Liga MX.

“It was a scout for Almeyda. He places him in a game in MLS, on a tour of the United States. We scouted him for three months. A player who was trained in the United States in terms of professionalism, mentality, Since he’s continued and he’s Mexican-American, but he’s been educated in the United States pretty much his whole life, he’s an American player, a person with a very strong, very American mentality. in this aspect. Economically, he was an extremely economical player, he cost less than 400,000 dollars,” José Luis Higuera said in an interview for ESPN about Zendejas.

Almeyda saw something very important in the sport, that’s what you see now; a player who has skill with the ball, who faces, who plays well on the outside, who has a good diagonal inside, who hits well with both legs and above all who has a great physical background and a player with a lot of potential,” added the former director of Flock.

Zendejas He accumulates three goals and two assists during the Apertura 2022, in addition to becoming owner with the team azulcrema. These numbers have made the player wanted by the Mexican national team and is also observed by the representative of the United States, where he played in lower categories with elements that today are figures of the absolute representative.

The former manager pointed out that the little success he had Zendejas con Chivas He has shared responsibilities: the footballer for not having the confidence to grow and the club for sending him to the U-20 team and not to the Expansion League.

“I think he lacked confidence. Zendejas. Football is very difficult in terms of scoring errors I think they should have analyzed the processes and times even I think it was the team’s turn to suffer a serious injury to Zendejas. Football is like that, successes like failures are very circumstantial,” he explained.

Zendejas Necaxa left free and the hidrocálido team received around five million dollars from the America. Today, according to Transfermarkt, the striker’s price is four million dollars.

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