Alexa Putellas, on her way to another Ballon d’Or

Alexa Putellas, on her way to another Ballon d’Or

He prefers Instagram to TikTok, perhaps only because the latter has just arrived. Although when we asked her to promote the interview using a transition device widely used on TikTok, she responded attentively and did so with grace. She has more on Instagram and you already know her. She doesn’t like getting into quick decision questions when it comes to choosing football players, but she was quick to say that if it was to choose one, she would stick with Xavi because as a child, she used to go to their campus near Barcelona.

Who prefers music to podcast or paella to gazpacho is the best soccer player in the world, Alexia Putellas. She recently became the first player in history to win the UEFA Best of the Year award and will soon be the main contender for the Ballon d’Or, also for a year in a row. Putellas chatted with ESPN via telematics from the FC Barcelona sports city in Sant Joan Despí. Measured, aware of where a torn anterior cruciate ligament in her left knee left her. Putellas was injured while training with Spain the week before their first match at Euro 2022. His recovery, like his desire to step out on the pitch soon, is not stopping.

What is the most difficult thing to see progress in football and you find yourself in a different situation?

The first weeks were really complicated because on top of that it’s an injury that hurts. I had pain the first few weeks after the operation. Now looking for new challenges, that every day is better and at the same time helping the team from the outside for everything they need. But, well, give it many hours each day. Well, the truth is, it’s moving forward.

You have been voted the best player in Europe. There’s even more value in being rewarded individually in a season where your teams collectively didn’t receive the previous season’s rewards.

It is clear that the previous year we won the Champions League and not this year but for the rest we won the same. We managed to win every La Liga game during the year and in the end, the Champions League final is one game. Unfortunately he couldn’t fall for us, but I think the rest of the season has been very good.

Last year they won everything collectively and this year that’s what was missing. How do you receive the award compared to the previous season?

I think what has been valued is the whole season. I tried to be at the highest level in every game, every day. Last year we won everything. I wanted to try again, to improve, because the previous year was no longer useful and I guess that was what was valued and what was rewarded.

A player has never repeated the Ballon d’Or, do you see that possible now?

I do not know. Me, what was in my hand, I already did last season. During all the months I was available, except the last one, when I had the injury, and I couldn’t play in the European Championship. But it will be said by the people who will vote, who will have their criteria, their tastes… and that’s it. Me, more, I can not do. I left it there and it’s over.

When you won your first Ballon d’Or, you started to be recognized by a lot of girls. What does it mean?

I’m glad they have the option to choose their referent because there can be a male and there can be a female, just like children can choose both boys and girls (referents). That’s the best. Give it that natural. In the end, that’s the goal, that it all happens naturally and that it’s not a novelty. Let these questions be asked now but not in a moment because that will mean that it is not news.

How did you manage to convince your parents to allow you to play ball inside the house?

He didn’t have a very big home but the hallway was the typical two-goal game; one at the end of the corridor and another closer. There were no paintings or anything. I don’t know if it was done on purpose so that there was only one wall, the ball and that’s it. I think they gave me permission because there was no risk of breaking anything.

How do you remember that and how do you see the Ballon d’Or remembering that?

I remember being very happy. I was very lucky with my family because at no time were they surprised because of course I’m talking about 20 or 25 years ago when I asked them to play soccer and they didn’t have never grimaced or been surprised. It was so long ago which was not normal. The truth is that I was very happy there and now I have the chance to say that I am too because I can devote myself to what made me happy and it continues to do so.

If you could talk to this 8-year-old girl, what would you say to her?

What would you say to him? If I knew what was going to happen, I would say “enjoy it” because what will happen will make you even happier and above all, make the most of every moment. I would try to remember many more moments than I can remember.

Are you making room in your house for another Ballon d’Or?

I hope you have the problem of finding space. The truth is, I have to tidy everything up a bit. I haven’t had time, luckily because I haven’t stopped playing games but I have to walk around this room

What does it mean to be the best in your sport?

Don’t think it changes much. I am and I see this profession in the same way. I always said I was lucky and felt lucky. Now maybe I can’t do what I love but soon I’ll be back and hopefully I’ll be back to how I was before the injury.

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