Alexandra Eala: “I’m still trying to assimilate this title”

Alexandra Eala: “I’m still trying to assimilate this title”

Four days have passed since we learned the names of the champions of this U.S. Junior Open: Martin Landaluce and Alexandra Eala. As we have already talked about Spanish, today is the time to focus on the Philippines. At 17 and already in the top 300 of the rankings, we discovered her talent some time ago thanks to the fact that she trains at Rafa Nadal Academy. The case of ‘Alex’ is curious because in 2020 he won the Junior Australian Open in doubles and in 2021 he repeated at Roland Garros Junior, but he still didn’t have an individual trophy. Now yes, in New York he touched the sky alone, so it’s time to hear his impressions.

perfect ending

“I think I played very well in the final, I was mentally stable and very strong. I’m glad I was able to keep my composure throughout the game. If there’s one thing I’m proud this week is getting every single point I went through times where I was a bit depressed, I could have lost in a round, or I could have lost a set and that led to automatic anger, but I didn’t. My behavior throughout the week was okay.

The Hangover of Success

“It’s very overwhelming right now, but I feel like it’s a big step for me, both professionally and personally. I’m super happy to represent my country and support me on this great platform what is tennis so that other children can see me and be inspired to achieve their dreams. In my case, I pay close attention to Rafa Nadal, how he fights to the end, his calm but fiery character, he knows how to channel his energy better than anyone”.

The Christmas figure

“Obviously my idol is Rafa, but I’m not just saying that because I train at his academy (laughs). For me, he is a great role model, an example in everything he does, an athlete that many people should idolize and try to emulate. Three years ago, I won a tournament in France and the Academy contacted my parents; after long discussions, we decided to move and settle here”.

the way to the top

“I would say the biggest hurdle I went through to get here was being away from my family, apart from a lot of other things that all tennis players go through on a regular basis. But the key to getting through that ordeal was being around good people, people that I deeply admire and who guide me on the right path every day. Right now, I’m trying to assimilate all that, to give myself a break and to share it with my family.

Thinking about your professional stage

“I think the end of this stage has not come yet, although I’m not entirely sure, a tennis player’s schedule should always be very flexible. Probably, for the next two months , I’m going to focus on my professional career, it’s my first junior title of the season, so I’m happy to have obtained it. But yes, definitely, the idea is to focus on my professional career”.

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