All-Star QB matchups stand out in NFL Week 3 matchups

All-Star QB matchups stand out in NFL Week 3 matchups

The Bills vs. Dolphins, and Packers vs. Buccaneers matchups stand out as some of the most eye-catching of the day

The week 3 of NFL promises explosive duels between four of the league’s best quarterbacks; Josh Allen of the Buffalo Tickets will be measured at Tua Tagovailoa of the Miami Dolphinsthere Aaron Rodgers of the Green Bay Packers will face Tom Brady of the Tampa Bay Buccaneers.

Sunday’s clash between Allen26 years old and Tagovailoa24 years old, faces two young talents candidates to fight for the designation of the Most Valuable Player in 2022, to which veterans also aspire Brady45 years old and Rodgers of 38.

Allen was unstoppable at the forefront of the offense Buffalodesigned to achieve the Super Bowl LVIIa status he backed up with some resounding victories early in this campaign.

The first against the champions Los Angeles Rams those who handcuffed 31-10; a week later, they beat the Tennessee Titanswho was the best team American Conference Last year.

Josh Allen he distinguished himself with three touchdown passes against Angels and four against Titans.

These figures put the Invoices as favorites despite the surprising start of Miami Dolphins and his quarterback Tua Tagovailoawhich wreaked havoc on the defenses of the New England Patriots and some Baltimore Ravens.

To tapping they were overtaken 20-7, a duel in which old threw a touchdown pass, and before the crows the young quarterback led the comeback by 21 points to win 42-38 with six touchdown passes, in a historic performance.

Both quarterbacks added seven touchdowns each. old has more passing yards, 739, than Allen, 614; but the quarterback of Invoices was more accurate with 52 of 69 submissions complete than that of Miami and his 59 connected passes in 83 attempts.

Also on Sunday, expectations in the duel between the Green Bay Packers commanded by Aaron Rodgers, four times NFL Most Valuable Player; before the Tampa Bay Buccaneersunder the command of Bradyconsidered the best player in history, are not minors.

Brady suffered from the absence of his receptors chris godvin there Jules Jonesinjured, to which will be added that of mike evanssuspended a game for pushing an opponent the previous week.

Despite these problems, the possessor of seven rings of superbowl managed for his team to achieve two victories this season, against Dallas Cowboys there New Orleans Saints.

Rodgers he also struggled to replace his star receiver Davante Adamswho went to Las Vegas Raiders. Green Bay has a match lost, against the Minnesota Vikingsand one won against Chicago Bears.

Also noteworthy on this day is the visit of the San Francisco 49erscon Jimmy Garoppolo as a quarterback replacing the injured Trey Lancewho will miss the whole campaign, Denver Broncos which gradually adapt to the spit Russell Wilson.

The activity of the week 3 will begin this Thursday with the match between the Pittsburgh Steelers and the Cleveland Browns.

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