“Alonso and Verstappen drive an F1 as if it were a kart”

“Alonso and Verstappen drive an F1 as if it were a kart”

The project of Aston Martin has been based on transfers, not only with the arrival of Fernando Alonso, but also with big names in the technical aspect. One of them is Dan Fallows, new technical director of the British team. The aerodynamicist was at Red Bull from the energy drink structure’s arrival on the grid in 2006 until last season, so he knows the ins and outs of Milton Keynes all too well.

Fallows, now at Silverstone, finds very similar to Alonso and Verstappen: “They drive a Formula 1 as if it were a kart. I think it’s extraordinary.” The Briton clarifies on the official Aston Martin website that the two drivers are optimizing the car to the maximum: “I don’t know Fernando very well, but from what others are saying he likes to feel the limits of the car. If that’s the case, we need to make sure the platform of the car is predictable and stable, which is something we’re already trying to achieve, but someone like Fernando amplifies that.”

Like team leader Mike Krack, Fallows knows the Spaniard who “is very expressive with car problems”, but he claims Vettel and Stroll already are, so that won’t be a problem. Aston Martin is on the mend (it’s the ninth team in the constructors’ championship), but the technical director is sure that 2023 will be much more positive: “AMR23 will be much more competitive. When I look at the current car, there is room for improvement everywhere. We have literally hundreds of active projects.


Dan Fallows.Aston Martin Cognizant F1 Team

Despite his hopes for next season’s car, Fallows is always realistic Making Aston Martin a leading team: “We are incredibly ambitious about reducing lead times to get where we want to be, but there is a big difference between becoming the leader of the middle zone and fighting for races and championships”. For this reason, the Brit is lowering his expectations for the near future: “It’s going to take years, not months, so we have to be realistic. We know what we need to get to the top, but it will take time.”

Aston Martin and Red Bull

Fallows spent 16 seasons with the Austrian team, and acknowledge that you see similarities between the start of the two projects: “When Red Bull Evolved from Jaguar, they went from a very limited budget to more money, more resources and more technical strength. What is happening at Aston Martin is very similar to what happened then at Red Bull.

The engineer, who was also Jaguar at the time, acknowledges that learned “a lot” from Adrian Newey, but that you shouldn’t operate like the other teams: “I joined this challenge because I felt that I could do things differently. It’s not about doing it the Red Bull, Mercedes or Ferrari way, but about doing it the best way: the Aston Martin way.”

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