Alonso’s other radio message: ‘A whole race of phantom threats’

Alonso’s other radio message: ‘A whole race of phantom threats’

Spaniard speaks of ‘phantom threats’ during Spa race

Fernando and Ocon finished two seconds behind despite starting with a 13-place difference

Fernando Alonso’s message about Lewis Hamilton was not the only notable communication in the conversation between the Spaniard and his engineer at the Spa race. We heard the Spaniard repeatedly ask his engineer for the time limit without receiving an answer. Also, at the end of the race, he mentions that throughout the test he was told about supposed dangers that didn’t actually threaten him.

Fernando Alonso had a great opportunity yesterday at Spa: he started from third position. However, contact with Lewis Hamilton hurt him and he could only finish fifth despite his excellent start.

Alpine, like many teams, chose the Belgian Grand Prix to change engines with Esteban Ocon. The Frenchman started from 16th position and finished seventh, just two seconds behind Fernando.

One of the doubts raised by Fernando’s move to Aston Martin was that it could change the treatment he would receive from the team. However, on the other side, Fernando promised that on his side things were not going to change and that he would give everything until the end with the Frenchman.

Fernando’s conversation with his engineer, Karel Loos, suggests that Alpine did not respond to the driver’s requests for information during the race. The Spaniard is heard several times on the radio asking for the target lap time and in some of them he does not receive an answer or they answer him with the times of the driver in front or behind him.

Fernando stops on lap 11 and lap 25 and complains that Alpine takes him to the track in heavy traffic. Fernando refers to messages from his engineer in which he discussed threats that ultimately turned out to be false:

  • Alonso: ‘Tell me the goal and I’ll try to manage it’.

  • (The engineer tells him Vettel’s time and the gap with him)

  • Alonso: “Yeah, it’s not the time. Forget it. He’s got a better tyre. We’ll catch him later when he runs on medium.”

  • Fernando, after his stop: “What is the objective? What is the objective?”.

  • Alpine: “Esteban’s last lap in 52.2; Vettel’s in 52.8.”

  • Alonso: “Yes, yes, I mean, Tell me if you want me to let him (Esteban) pass. After the phantom threats I’ve had my whole career, now I get it

  • Alpine: “The plan is to go low 53” until the end.”

Here you can listen to the entire conversation between Fernando and his engineer:

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