Alpine F1 expects ‘huge’ lead with new part to debut

Alpine F1 expects ‘huge’ lead with new part to debut

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The team of In stone had the fourth fastest car for much of the season, and in the constructors’ championship is currently 18 points clear of McLaren in the fight to be the best of the rest behind Red Bull, Ferrari and Mercedes.

Although the team failed to score points in Italy last weekend when Lando Norris gave McLaren a seventh-place finish, in Alpine consider that their disappointing weekend was simply due to the fact that the Monza circuit was not adapted to the characteristics of the A522.

The team’s sports director Alain Permaneinsists that the Monza performance was just an exception and that for the upcoming race in Singapore the slow nature of the Marina Bay track, coupled with the team’s latest development, will leave a very different picture .

“It’s an outlier for sure, 100%,” Permane said of the team’s performance at the Italian GP.

“We’re going to use a new floor for Singapore which is a huge step downforce. We’ll be back where we need to be and we’re really looking forward to getting there and especially Suzuka with this car. . It’s gonna be fun.”

Alpine admitted he did not expect to have such a difficult weekend in Italy, having been so competitive at the low-downforce Spa-Francorchamps circuit last month.

However, Permane said there were key answers they needed to figure out, such as why the team’s pace dropped after what looked like a pretty competitive Friday.

“We didn’t expect to get in trouble,” he admitted. “I thought it would be fine for us.”

“We raced really well on Friday and that’s the tricky part, that’s what we don’t understand. In the long run without DRS, using all the downforce, we seemed to be fine. We were faster than McLaren and faster than anyone racing in the United States.”

“Of course we weren’t as fast as the first three cars, but there didn’t seem to be any major drama. We had quite a bit of drag, but we thought it was the quickest way to go. on this track and that’s how we raced.”

“But I think in the end we suffered from a lack of pace. We struggled in qualifying. Both drivers said they made mistakes, which is unusual, so clearly the car was hard to drive.”

“In the race we didn’t have the pace, and of course we didn’t have the pace we had on Friday afternoon when Fernando raced with the medium tyre, and he said it was fantastic.

“He was fast, I think he was running 26.5 with full tanks, and we couldn’t get close to that on Sunday, so we have to work to try and figure out what was going on.”

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