Alpine F1 will decide on Monday to release Piastri from his contract

Alpine F1 will decide on Monday to release Piastri from his contract

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Following the decision of the Contract Recognition Board, which concluded that Alpine had no rights over the Australian driver’s future for 2023, his signing by McLaren has been confirmed.

However, at the moment Oscar Piastri is still the team’s reserve driver. Alpineand continues to work with another member of the team this weekend in Zandvoort.

But as his future has already been confirmed to be linked to one of the Frenchman’s main rivals, the French team feel they have little to gain by keeping him on board and learning more about technical progress. of the car, for both 2022 and 2023.

The easiest option at this point is to break the contract by mutual agreement, which could even turn Piastri as a free agent, which would allow him to start working with his future team sooner than expected.

In reference to this situation, the director of Alpine, Otmar SzafnauerHe said: “He’s still with us this weekend, doing his job in the simulator.”

“There are only a few days left, today and tomorrow. And then on Monday we will meet him and decide what to do.”

“I repeat, we will decide on Monday, I don’t want to think about that now. Because there are a lot more things to take into account,” the French boss added.


Alpine F1 Team Principal Otmar Szafnauer with Pat Fry

Yes OK Szafnauer i trusted that Alpine had a contractual right to Piastriadmitted that his position had changed slightly and began to doubt when he heard the testimony of McLaren.

“At the time it all happened, I didn’t know the other side’s arguments,” he said. “After that. I mean, it took four days, and there were good arguments on both sides.”

“When it was over, I thought we had a 50% chance. But you know, in the end, they didn’t make a decision in our favor. Anyway, I had accepted whatever it was,” explained Szafnauer.

A “strange” simulation moment in the Piastri-Alpine case

One of the most controversial aspects of the case Piastri it was the decision of Alpine to announce him as the official driver for 2023, despite the Aussie making it clear he will not be racing for them.

When asked why the team acted on the announcement, Szafnauer he said, “Well, at the time, we were having discussions with Oscar and we were looking into whether the contracts we had with him were valid. So that’s the reason.”

Enstone’s structural director revealed last weekend that Piastri was made aware of the announcement while working on the team’s simulator.

The moment was described as ‘strange’ and ‘boring’ by the Aussie himself, as it put him in a somewhat awkward position in front of other team members.

Clarify what happened Szafnauer said: “What I can say and repeat is what I have already said: ‘Oscar was in the simulator. When he finished his session, I went to warn him of the publication and I congratulated. He smiled and said ‘thank you’.”

“Were there a lot of other people in there? Not really, it was just me and the simulator tech. If you’ve ever seen a simulator, you’ll know it’s a really big room. We were only three in this It was not something strange, because he smiled and thanked me, ”he concluded.

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