America and Ochoa, at least one more year – Ruben Rodriguez

America and Ochoa, at least one more year – Ruben Rodriguez


America and Guillermo Ochoa will meet this week to begin negotiating their contract renewals after December.

These days the player’s representatives will arrive in Coapa to analyze the proposals and the future that the club is considering for the Mexican goalkeeper and what the player himself wants, from the beginning we know that the club is ready to offer one more year of contract with from one option to another, to have at least the services of the immediate referent of America throughout 2023.

By specifying that nothing stopped the negotiation, even less does it depend on obtaining the title in this competition or the results of a tournament, the two parties seem to be going in the same direction, even if the duration of the contract may be the turning point to be one year with one option to another and not two with one option to another.

Ochoa fully intends to stay in America for many more tournaments and win as many titles as possible, and the directive is to leave the captain’s badge and team leader in Ochoa’s hands until what Emilio Lara or another youth team doesn’t raise their hand and win it. on the field, continuing the Eagles of America captain’s legacy.

The idea of ​​the board and most likely Ochoa is to close the renewal as soon as possible and thus focus on La Liguilla and his fifth World Cup with the Mexican national team, and at the same time the board begins to work out his plan to have at least four or five players from the academy on the field for the following years, a team full of local players with good or excellent foreigners.


A few days ago, America received a proposal from Boca Juniors of Argentina for Roger Martínez, who is already recovered from his injury and could appear again in the next matches. It must be remembered that the Colombian has a contract for the rest of this contest and two others with the Águilas del América, aware of this, the Argentine team has made an economic proposal that is not complete or not worth the worth discussing for the sale of the player.

A proposal that borders on the advantageous and the ridiculous with a very long payment schedule and small settlements, which will make eternal purchases and sales for the Americanists, and which will end up breaking the thread and seeking a lawsuit with the Argentine club. For this reason, the Eagles directive, after speaking with the coaching staff, has decided that in these circumstances the player does not leave Coapa.

The proposal of the Argentine team has been and will be rejected if it does not improve its entire structure, so Roger will add to the search for the 14th cup and in the summer an exit or a possible renewal will begin to be negotiated.


The Mexican soccer team presented two injuries on their list to face their counterpart from Paraguay tonight in Atlanta, Henry Martín of America and Sebastian Córdova of tigerswhere in some way he changed the plans of the tri strategist, Gerardo Martino, however, the American striker presented himself to the concentration last Sunday to be examined by the doctors of the tricolor team, and that they ratify themselves an injury or muscle load presented by the attacker and thus break ranks.

Therefore, he was carefully reviewed, in order to avoid rumors that he was registered to rest or skip the game against Paraguay. It was then that the coaching staff decided to fire him and summon Ángel Zaldívar from the Guadalajara.

The current leader of the score has respected the established protocol and is now trying to recover as quickly as possible so as not to stop and cut off his good moment, to the point that it is very likely that he will miss Saturday’s game against the Tigers. on the stadium field. Azteca, derived from the same muscle load.


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