America defeats San Luis to tie all-time record for consecutive wins

America defeats San Luis to tie all-time record for consecutive wins

Winning, scoring and loving have become a necessity of Americanism for this tournament Opening 2022. The America still satisfied in front of his fans and already has his eighth victory with Ferdinand Ortizhistorical note.

The ace Eagles they won 3-0 at St. Louis Athletic to assert himself as the leader of the tournament, with 28 points.

Azulcrema fans expect nothing less from this team. In the first half, when the potosinos took possession of the ball, the fans began to despair and the boos did not wait, but everything returned to normal with the annotation of the ‘little headRodriguez.

Atlético de San Luis climbed to the scoreboard with a score of Abel Hernándezbut the whistle invalidates the action for a foul on the defender Nestor Araujo.

Jonathan Rodriguez (45′), Diego Valdés (54′) and Henry Martin (56th), led the feathered victory to assert themselves as the best team in the competition. The numbers and his football are irrefutable proof of this.

But the victory could have been greater; however, Henry Martin he missed a penalty down the home stretch that could extend his scoring leadership to nine goals. Jonathan Rodríguez follows with six.

The power of those Coapa in all its lines, it is undeniable and they confirm themselves as the main candidates for the title. Already said Ferdinand Ortiz: We are not running away from this word.

The ace Eagles They are one win away from reaching their longest winning streak and on Saturday against Necaxa that could be confirmed. America he looks unstoppable and 14 star is the limit, fans expect no less.

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