America’s Tiger Sequence

America’s Tiger Sequence

With the recent win at Azteca Stadium, América extended their winning streak against Tigres UANL.

America won't stop beating the Tigers.
© Picture 7America won’t stop beating the Tigers.

America there tigers they organized a decisive duel in the Opening 2022, given that both are at the top of the table, and marked by recent history, as both teams have won a multitude of titles over the last decade, even with finals between them.

However, the relevance that the two distributions had in the last time of the MX League this has not been repeated in recent clashes between them. In fact, the authorship is as voluminous as it is striking: with the recent triumph at the Azteca stadium, The Eagles extended their winning streak to seven straight against Los Felinos.

The streak began with the second leg of the quarter-finals of Apertura 2019, with a 4 to 2 obtained in Monterey. In 2020, they won both matches of the regular phase by 1 to 0 there 3 to 1. 3 to 1 there 1 to 0 they were also scorers in Clausura 2021 and Apertura 2021, while in Clausura 2022 they won by 2 to 0 in the volcano.

When was the last time the Tigers won?

As if that were not enough, the Regiomontano team only won once in the last 12 occasions: the 2 to 1 in the first leg of the 2019 Apertura Quarter-Finals, to which América would later return in the second leg.

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