‘An injustice’: Tata Martino broke silence on Gerardo Torrado del Tri’s sacking

‘An injustice’: Tata Martino broke silence on Gerardo Torrado del Tri’s sacking

Gerardo Tata Martino has said he disagrees with the dismissal of Gerardo Torrado from the FMF months before the start of the Qatar 2022 World Cup (Video: ESPN)

Before the game of Mexican team against Paraguay, the coach Gerard Tata Martino was encouraged to talk about the restructuring that began on Mexican Football Federation (FMF) a few months after the start of the Qatar 2022 World Cup. Among the first dismissals made by Yon de Luisa, president of the FMF, is that of Gerard Torrado.

Although at the time the coaching staff of Tata stayed away from the situation, at the recent press conference he broke his silence and called “injustice” what happened to Torrado and his team. It was on the afternoon of Tuesday August 30 that he began his participation in the media with his opinion on the dismissal of the former Mexican footballer.

The first thing he shared was his regret as he considered that the sports management of the former national team should continue due to the proximity to Qatar 2022, he also stated that if there was anything in his possibilities to support Torrado, he would have done itall with the aim of concluding his cycle within Femexfut.

File photograph showing the coach of the Mexican national football team, the Argentinian Gerardo “Tata” Martino. EFE/José Mendez

Moreover, he has always considered that it was a hasty decision on the part of the federation which commands One of Luisa Well, it was on July 13 that the FMF made official the removal of Torrado from his position as General Manager of National Teams Athletics. That’s how he put it Tata Martino in front of various media:

“The first thing I want to say is that I deeply regret the departure of Gerardo Torrado, but deeply. Not only do I regret it, but also I find this very unfair. And in fact, if I had the opportunity to do something because he finished this process and the three months that are missing, I would have done it.

On the other hand, he clarified his position because, despite the fact that the FMF has started a restructuring in all its categories, male and female, for the Argentine, the decision was not correct due to the short time that separates the Mexican team making his Qatar 2022 debut against Poland.

Gerardo Torrado was one of the first licensees of the Mexican national team (Photo: Instagram/@gerardotorrado6)
Gerardo Torrado was one of the first licensees of the Mexican national team (Photo: Instagram/@gerardotorrado6)

“I am deeply sorry because he deserved to finish this cycle with all of us who started it and with him the people who were able to be close to him: Nacho Fer, Javier Mier. It goes without saying that I do not share a decision of this nature. three months away from a World Cup,” he added.

Finally, he shared how his rapprochement with Jaime Ordiales, the new sports director who will arrive within the National Teams and will be in charge of the sporting decisions of the Sorting for the World Cup 2022. Although he did not appreciate his arrival at all, he assured that they had already come to talk about the Aztec team.

“I have a very good dialogue with Jaime, I already met him when he was in Querétaro. The first thing that came to my mind to say to him was that: ‘not that everything is fine very well, nor that everything is going very badly’, It was very unfair of him to take over something that had been working for three years and eight months.“, he finished.

The Mexican national team will return to action as part of their program before the World Cup, so next Wednesday, August 31, they will face Paraguay at 8:00 p.m.. from central Mexico.


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