And Pumas, rector? -Charles Ponce de Leon

And Pumas, rector? -Charles Ponce de Leon

Not the resurrection of America nor that of Chivasminus the victory of Blue Crosswill serve in the final tally if they do not win the title.

It is the cross that carries everything ‘big’. But it works to excite his fans, to excite those of us who aren’t his fans, and to excite his rivals.

This is why we miss the awakening of the Pumas. The “fat” suit has already become uncomfortable for collegeIt doesn’t seem to suit him, now it weighs him down. Of the four who wear it, that of Pedregal is not up to scratch. And those responsible for reaching this extreme are not necessarily those who are accustomed to pointing fingers.

We have already passed the incapable reinforcements and the technician Andrés Lillini as those who will pay sooner or later, to settle down and wait for the answers of the Silva Engineer and of Doctor Mejia Baron, but the two veteran directors seem asleep, with no advisors to get them to react. We must now point the culprit of any major crisis to Pumas, the highest authority and the only person responsible for bringing about real change: the Rector of UNAM.

Al doctor Grey time is running out to leave a positive mark during his tenure with the Liga MX team; He arrived in 2015 in the chair of the Rectorate and did not succeed with the Pumas; for him to do in one year what he did not do in seven seems impossible.

With Graue, as was not the case with its predecessors, the club sailed with a mediocre flag, accused of favoring financial administration so as not to commit to sporting achievement. And the worst part, the blue and gold essence has been diluted: he is no longer the protagonist of the contribution of young blood to Liga MX and much less to the Mexican national team. He even had a chance with women, but he blew it.

Where is Pumas, Rector? We need to find it urgently; do something now so your name isn’t inscribed in the University’s rich history as the person responsible for taking off the “big” suit and making it one of the lot.


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