Armando Archundia explains how and what the VAR is used for: does it indirectly send Chivas?

Armando Archundia explains how and what the VAR is used for: does it indirectly send Chivas?

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The former whistleblower has used his extensive knowledge of the matter to reveal the details of how the much-talked-about VAR works.

The Archundia index for Chivas
© Imago7The Archundia index for Chivas

For Club Guadalajara, it has not only been difficult to cope with the ups and downs that its players have presented in the opening tournament 2022 where it seems that they are always immersed in the limit of negative or positive situations, They also had to deal with terrible refereeing work which affected them in at least four games. of this season.

After the National Classic, the controversy continues due to the alleged goal that was not scored in favor of the Sacred Flock and this could change the history of the duel, however the chairman of the referees commission, Armando Archundia assured that there is no shot to observe if the ball entered the goal of America, after Sergio Flores’ header.

But the boss of the whistlers did not stop there, he also took charge of explain how the VAR works so that there is no doubt about the work of the Nazarenes, who in Chivas they accused them of hurting them in different duels. Being the clearest examples, the denied purpose of Alexis Vega against León and against Toluca, an unmarked penalty against Gilberto Orozco and a Cristian Calderón score also canceled.

Indirect Archundia for Chivas?

“We are going to explain a bit about how VAR works because there has been a lot of confusion about it. Since your server joined the Referees Commission, we have tried to improve the use of VAR in all aspects, In other words, it should only be used as established in rule number 6, in clear and obvious errors in order for this tool to be most effective. In recent days, video arbitration has been used very little and I think it has served us well and the times he has been taken care of it has been in a good way”.

Investigation Has refereeing harmed Chivas this tournament?

Has refereeing harmed Chivas this tournament?

Not really, they complain a lot


“We have improved in many ways, today we are making the Rule 6 based VAR User Manualonly intervenes in clear and obvious cases and today they realized the duration of the matches It has grown thanks to the fact that it has been used less, that is to say that the referees will review the VAR less”, Archundia explained.

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