Augusta National is preparing changes for its famous 13th hole, which will be played longer

Augusta National is preparing changes for its famous 13th hole, which will be played longer

New start from hole 13 of Augusta National

The Augusta National Golf Club of Georgiafamous house masterymakes relevant changes to its famous 13th hole, Azalea. And thanks to the aerial views it offers Eureka Earth you will be able to see what will be one of its main novelties: a new start that will increase the distance of this par five by 500 yards.

After the course closed last May, as every year for maintenance, work began on the 13th hole, which was the third easiest hole of the last edition of the prestigious tournament of the Green jacket. Aerial photos from June showed downed trees and dug irrigation ditches, apparently preparing for the installation of a new tee.

New turf can now be seen in the area as the club prepares for its reopening in the fall. Historically, this 13th hole where the Amen Corner, is played from a tee located next to the 12 green. In recent years, professionals have been able to reach the green in two shots simply by using a fairway wood and a medium iron. Some even pushed balls with the driver above the trees on the left, above the tributary of the Rae’s Creekwhich runs along the left side of the fairway and in front of the green.

Using the scientific method of observing the location of the tee in Google Earth and with pictures of Eureka Earthin, where they analyzed these changes, estimate that the 13th hole could now be played at 540 or 550 yards. In other words, a 300 yard drive from the new tee may not be enough to leave the ball in a position with a direct angle to the green.

Bobby Jones, at the time, wanted the choice of strategy on the 13th tee to be a “major decision” in the tournament, but for some time now players have been losing strokes on the course if they don’t try to reach the green under regulation. club president, Fred Rileysaid in the mastery that “there was no timetable” for changing the hole, but Augusta is famous for not giving any hints about his modifications.

While the club appeared to start construction on the 13th and make some changes to their three-part course this summer, they also appear to have installed some new technology on the tee. The photographs of Eureka Earth August show what appears to be a hydronic system that may be out of the box. Interesting news is already thinking about the Masters of Augusta from 2023…

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