Barbora Krejcikova and Katerina Siniakova, the best couple in the world

Barbora Krejcikova and Katerina Siniakova, the best couple in the world

The rise to stardom of Carlos Alcaraz eclipsed the rest of the champions of the US Open 2022although now that a few days have passed, we have some time to reflect on what has been achieved by Barbora Krejcikova there Katerina Siniakova at Flushing Meadows. At this stage, it’s not that the Czechs had nothing to prove, but it is true that they had an outstanding account with New York, where they had never been able to win the title. Until this Saturday, when their triumph places them as one of the couples in history to have won the four Grand Slam tournaments.

“It really was no different than other years,” Katerina Siniakova said of her success in the United States. “I mean, every time we go to a tournament, you want to give your best, and now we don’t play as many tournaments a year, so it’s so exciting that we’ve done so well at the Grand Slam. We’re trying to improve each other, so it’s working, that’s something that we show on the pitch. I would say from the start, we started to work hard, in this tournament, everything what happened was really good. We played very well, we took it step by step, until we finally won the title,” said the 26-year-old.

The winners of the Czechs now have an Australian Open, two Roland Garros, two Wimbledons, a US Open, a WTA Fine and an Olympic gold medal in Tokyo 2020. It must be read sitting down so as not to go crazy, since we We’re talking about numbers that are within reach of very few doubles pairs in the history of tennis. This season, for example, they end the year undefeated in Grand Slams: they have played three, they have won three. They only failed in Paris, where Krejcikova couldn’t participate after being abandoned by COVID, although they won there already in 2021. That is, at the moment the Czechs became champions during the last participation they had in each of the four majors.

“We both have this really special feeling of being part of history, at least for now,” sums up Krejcikova. “On the other hand, we are aware that it is an incredible achievement, but the racing is still there, so we always want to add something more, we always want to keep improving. is not the end, that we earn a lot more, for now the fact that we are still here is just amazing. Being part of history is a fantastic feeling”, admits Barbora enthusiastically.


Many thought the couple’s future could fall apart after Krejcikova exploded as an individual player, winning the title at Roland Garros 2021 and rising to world number two. But even then, the bond between the Czechs did not weaken, because Barbora always found time to deal with her relationship with Katerina and continue to write history. In this US Open they didn’t have an easy path, dropping sets in four of the six matches they played, but that’s where it was confirmed that nobody reacts to adversity like them. The best couple in the world is stronger than ever and it remains their 2022 as the best possible example.

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