Barcelona are against the clock due to pay cuts, reinforcements and ‘undesirable’ departures

Barcelona are against the clock due to pay cuts, reinforcements and ‘undesirable’ departures

Barcelona are experiencing an economic scenario of reconstruction and still have many problems to solve hours after the market closes

The European summer transfer market closes this Thursday, September 1 and the Barcelona They are one of the teams who are still in a race against time to resolve outstanding issues with their squad for the 2022/23 season.

Even after the start of The leaguethe Catalan club are studying how to get rid of names that are no longer part of the plans for Xavi Hernandezintegrate new reinforcements and negotiate salary cuts essential to the functioning of the institution’s economy in the months to come.

The newspaper sportof Spain, has compiled a list of no less than 13 names that are part of this “ecosystem” of Barcelona and who live in undefined situations at Camp Nou:

Apart from Xavi’s plans, the Danish striker is looking to leave Barcelona. The publication reports that the club itself helped the footballer find a new destination. For the moment, on the eve of the closure, there is still no solution.

The right side is another one that doesn’t catch the trainer’s attention. Dest has attracted interest from Manchester United and there could be something new in the negotiations in the coming hours.

The striker fit like a glove in Xavi’s squad. The problem is that the Gabonese can earn Barcelona a fair amount of money in a sell-out deal. The Spaniards are asking for $24.9m (€25m) to complete a deal with Chelsea.

The Dutchman is one of the names Barcelona won’t be able to keep for his wages. Juventus are one of the closest teams to having Depay. However, Manchester United have also expressed interest and there could be a deal.

Considered Xavi’s ‘key player’ for Barcelona’s tactical structure, the midfielder is seen as profitable by the board, who understand he can fetch high value if sold. Chelsea and Manchester United are interested in the Dutchman. If a proposal arrives which is considered high, the Catalans have to complete the sale.

The Manchester City star is Xavi’s biggest dream at Barcelona. The problem is that the English club don’t want to negotiate him which makes it difficult for the Catalans to move. However, a departure from Frenkie de Jong could provide cash for Barca to sign the Portuguese.

The Spaniard has been linked as a Barcelona reinforcement for months but the negotiation is still stuck. The Catalans are waiting for some names to leave so they can go on the market and integrate new players into the cast.


The Borussia Dortmund player is among those named as Barcelona targets. However, there will only be movement in case some players leave the cast.

Still negotiating for a pay cut.

Like other names in the squad, the defender is also negotiating a pay cut.

The left-back is also negotiating a pay cut.


Still under contract with the youth team, the club’s revelation is still negotiating a contract with the first team. But, the new deal is contingent on other players leaving and other players taking a pay cut.

Inaki Pena

Like Gavi, the keeper has the same problem and is waiting to sign a contract with the Barcelona first team.

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