“Being part of this historic moment is unforgettable”

“Being part of this historic moment is unforgettable”

Rafael Nadal assured that playing alongside Roger Federer, in his last professional match, is something “unforgettable”. The Spaniard landed in London for the Laver Cup, in which he will play a doubles match this Friday alongside Roger Federer, who announced his retirement last week.

“It’s a different pressure after everything we’ve shared. Being part of this historic moment is going to be unforgettable for me. I’m very excited, I hope I can play well and create a good moment and win the match,” Nadal said in a press conference.

“Being alongside Roger again is something I look forward to and it makes me very happy,” he added.

“Personal relationships are more important than professional relationships. It’s going to be difficult to manage everything, especially for Roger, but also for me. One of the most important players in my career and in history is leaving. I’m grateful to be able to play with him, I can’t thank the rest of the team more for waiting for me.”

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