Belgian F1 GP 2022: Alonso complained on the radio that they were ignoring him

Belgian F1 GP 2022: Alonso complained on the radio that they were ignoring him

Fernando Alonso He spent a most interesting afternoon on the radio communicating with his team. In addition to the already famous message on Lewis Hamilton, the driver tried to contact his team during the race to ask them about times and distances with the others. It’s good, it’s a common procedure during testing to be able to know at all times what is happening on the asphalt.

On several occasions, the Spaniard asks by radio to his track engineer, Karel Loos, to give him information about the target lap time. He is also annoyed on the radio, as he was later in front of the media after the race, about the timing of the pit stops. It seems that they were, according to him, too early and ended up withdrawing it from circulation.

It was in the Vuelta 27 when I asked again for the goals for the race. He got no response. Shortly after, when he was informed of the distance he had with Esteban Ocon, his teammateHe didn’t want to keep silent about what he was thinking.

It should be remembered that the Frenchman came out in last position because Alpine had decided to change the engine. The conditions at Spa invite overtaking, and the truth is that he put in an excellent performance. He finished seventh, just two seconds behind Fernando. It was in the final laps that he got the closest. He was close and looked like he could jeopardize sixth – eventually fifth, after Leclerc’s penalty – of the race.

When told about it by radio, and given the circumstances that are also unfolding off the track, with Alonso leaving for Aston Martin next year, the Asturian did not want to keep quiet.

Let me know if I should let him (including Ocon) go after that phantom menace for the whole race, now I get it“, he pointed through the radio in a clear message to his engineers by way of complaint. He felt that they had left it empty, probably.

In the end, Esteban, who had a hard tire fitted with fewer laps than Alonso, ended up being left behind. Between them, yes, they added a lot of points for the final result of Alpine. The fight is no longer just between the two drivers (who have a momentary gap of 13 points). Also in the Constructors’ World Cup. The French team wants fourth place, which is disputed with McLaren.

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