Belgian F1 GP 2022: Carlos Sainz: “Max can arrive, but fight for victory”

Belgian F1 GP 2022: Carlos Sainz: “Max can arrive, but fight for victory”

VSCarlos Sainz takes the lead in a Grand Prix for the second time this season after Silverstone almost two months ago. Then they crowned their first pole position with victory, and this time, although they didn’t celebrate it due to the penalty against pole-sitter Verstappen, they looked for the same goal.

“I’m happy to start on pole, but I don’t like this difference with Max and Red Bull, we have to see why they are so fast here and we’re behind,” Carlos said. “If anything, going first is a good place and trying to win from there because the race pace is good.”

Carlos didn’t set his best lap on the second Q3 attempt: “There was more in Q3, especially if it had been as clean as the first, which was good, better. I couldn’t tell the difference , I wasn’t good in rounds 5 either, 6 and 7… but it was only a tenth and the handicap was five or seven, How is this advantage possible? and also all weekend, from free practice 2, there was this half-second, to see if we can be more competitive in the race”.


Sainz agrees team simulations give Verstappen chance to win “Especially if they give us half a second a lap or more, as we’ve seen. In terms of the car and the balance, I’m happy, but that advantage, I don’t know if it’s because of the circuit or the temperatures.” … if there is also a safety car (like the last five years) then I’m sure it will come because there are 44 laps,” he admits.

But it will be in the middle of the race, for Carlos the initial objective is to support Checo, which will not be easy. “For the moment, objective achieved by beating the Red Bull which was in contention and To start, the most difficult will be to hold Checo in the first corner, there he is very fast and I am very vulnerable, then the speed stabilizes and we will see if he can create a gap.

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