Belgian F1 GP 2022: Checo Prez went to the simulator after the Belgian race to understand the difference with Verstappen

Belgian F1 GP 2022: Checo Prez went to the simulator after the Belgian race to understand the difference with Verstappen

Max Verstappen has shown impressive dominance in the past Belgian Grand Prix, where he moved from 13th to first place, taking a comfortable advantage over the second place occupied by his teammate at Red Bull, Sergio Prez, who acknowledged how strong the Dutchman was at Spa and revealed that even this week he had to go to the simulator to try and figure out that gap with Max.

“Yeah, he was super, super fast (Verstappen) last weekend. Really, really strong. I’ve been in the simulator this week, trying to figure it all out. And I hope I can get one more march on my side,” the Mexican told a conference.

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Considering such a difference that was found between the two Red Bulls, Prez assured that he will now try to find the answer to this distance between him and Max and will do everything on his side to achieve his goal which remains win the Drivers’ Championship.

“Well, do whatever you can on my side: make sure I understand why there was such a difference there. What should I do differently and how can I exploit the car more. And that’s it, you know. I can do a lot. I don’t go any lower than that. That’s what it is. At the end of the day, I also have a championship and a race to fight for. then every weekend is a new opportunity”, Czech aggregate.

Likewise, the Tapato pilot acknowledged that as the championship progressed, he felt less comfortable aboard the RB18, unlike his teammate who, unlike this, found the ride easier.

“I think at first I felt more comfortable, every time I got to a weekend in the first practice, I was already easily satisfied with the balance, and things came naturally to me. As the season progresses It seems to have become more and more difficult. Every weekend I have to do a deeper analysis. And yes, I don’t feel as comfortable with the car as I used to,” he said.

Finally, the Mexican was asked if he considered the problem of adapting to the RB18 on recent roads to be the rear changes that “benefit” Verstappen’s driving style, to which he replied: “It’s a bit in this address. Obviously the car has evolved and gone in a certain direction. Right now my main focus is to make sure I’m able to control the car.”

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