Belgian F1 GP 2022: F1 drivers don’t want as many sprint races as MotoGP is going to have

Belgian F1 GP 2022: F1 drivers don’t want as many sprint races as MotoGP is going to have

Sprint racing will come to MotoGP in 2023. At the last Austrian Grand Prix, it was announced that this format would be included on all Saturdays of the Moto World Championship premier class calendar.

Remember that this idea was already implemented in Formula 1. The leaders of the “Grand Cirque” have chosen to spice up the weekends with sprint races in 2021. Three tests have been carried out and three more will take place this season. It’s an attractive format for fans, but it generates more mistrust in teams and drivers. There is division on the grid, both in F1 and in MotoGP. They have already commented on it Fernando Alonso, Marc Marquez or Quartararo. Everyone sees it in a different way.

The fact is that the substantial difference is the number of events. And the truth is that heThe drivers of the highest category of motorsport are not in favor of holding all the grand prix of the championship.

Verstappen, Claro

You won’t like running a sprint race every weekend. I don’t like the idea. I think that the emotion and the “feeling” of Sunday must be special. It’s the only time you run. Anyway, here’s how I grew up in this world: Sunday is the day to run. Regardless, the sprint races we’ve had so far have been similar. More or less everyone starts with the same tire and that’s where we end up because we are afraid of having an accident, because if that happens, we start behind in the main race, where the biggest prize of the weekend. Everyone thinks like this: ‘Okay, just make sure we finish the race without any problems.’ The main thing is the next day. What you want is to win on Sunday”, points out Max Verstappen.

Bottas requires less training

And if the current champion and current F1 World Cup leader is exhaustive, Valtteri Bottas follows the same line of argument, but with a twist. “I don’t think we need to do sprint races every weekend. His thing will be to have less practice”emphasizes the Alfa Romeo.

Tsunoda, on the same wavelength

For its part, Yuki Tsunoda He also gives his point of view on the matter. “I’m surprised that MotoGP implements this every Saturday. I don’t think you will make a profit with this format every weekend. Sprint racing is something special, but if it’s still… I don’t think we want to see it all the time. Especially with the busy schedule we have. So I think it’s better that F1 doesn’t go the way of MotoGP.”

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