Belgian F1 GP 2022: No plot against Alpine

Belgian F1 GP 2022: No plot against Alpine

Ethe meeting of Fernando Alonso with his team and with the press from the F1 paddock was a good time to emphasize some things and clarify others. Some media have started to speculate about some kind of collusion or Asturian plot with Mark Webber and his pupil, Oscar Piastri, to trigger a coup against Alpine.

The sequence of events, such as the announcement of the signature by Aston Martin, on Monday August 1 in the morning, of which Otmar Szafnauer (alpine manager) was not aware, and of the ‘cobra’ which made them later Piastri after being announced as a substitute for Spanish, has given rise to many rantings.

For Fernando, there was nothing strange in the ignorance of his team manager, who at the time said he had learned from the press of his driver’s change of team. “I’m happy with this question. It’s true, Otmar probably didn’t know anything. But I informed the president, Luca de Meo (Renault), Laurent Rossi (CEO of Alpine) my mechanics, my team. Everyone involved in the negotiations knew this before the announcement. Otmar wasn’t in the negotiations, maybe Luca de Meo or Laurent Rossi didn’t warn him. But everyone knew it, including my mechanics,” he said.

More elaborate is conspiracy theory do as much damage as possible to his current teams, whom Fernando considers “like my family. I was first at Renault and then at Alpine, which gave me the opportunity to come back to F1. I didn’t see any confidence in the future and I decided to look for another way and, incidentally, to make room for a great young talent like Oscar Pistri. My decision seemed like a clear “win-win” situation (where everyone wins), expressed.

Everything was activated after Vettel’s withdrawal

“Yes, but I didn’t like seeing this plot. I made my decision and explained it. For several months I discussed with the team to extend the contract, but nothing happened, nothing was officially specified. Aston called me when Sebastian pulled out, but if he hadn’t pulled out this move wouldn’t have happened. What happened next, with Oscar, is completely unrelated. I wish the best to Oscar, he is very talented, as well as to Alpine. It will be my team this year and always in my heart. We achieved unthinkable things together and I came back to this sport thanks to them. I can only wish you the best”, he added on this subject.

“The that Briatore had been in negotiations, but none of that. He was there other times and was in the paddock this year negotiating things with Domenicali and F1, nothing concerned me,” he points out of the negotiation. That is, he took it in person with Lawrence Stroll. “I signed it on Monday morning and then I warned my team before the declaration”, he specifies about certain strange publications.

“It’s a new project, with new talent coming in from Mercedes and Red Bull and almost 10 minutes was enough.” leaves as a message the reluctance offered by Alpine to give you more than a year to renew.

Regarding Piastri’s refusal to race with Alpine in 2023, which the Australian communicated on August 2, one hour after the French team confirmed him as Fernando’s replacement, the Asturian preferred not to assess anything. “It’s hard to comment. I think all of us here were quite surprised.” He just wasn’t aware of what was going to happen.

Her name is Aston Martin

The streak was as follows, according to Alonso. “I have no problem saying it all started when Sebastian (Vettel) announced his retirement. Aston were waiting for the decision, they were happy with Seb if he wanted to continue for another year, but he decided to quit and they called some runners who interested them. I was one of them was still available and we talked about the conditions I expected, what they expected of me, We agreed very quickly we complied with all our requests and signed on Monday morning. We decided to announce it very quickly, before any leaks.” clarifies the secret in which everything was moving.

The reasons for the change

Ferdinand explained the real reasons for his departure from Alpine, where there are no tricks or fallacious intentions. “We evolved into different things and we didn’t have a coincidence in the essentials. It’s not just the duration, but also the confidence that you feel, that you feel loved in a place, that it’s not a temporary thing. I always had a strange feeling (in Alpine) and the logic was to go to Aston Martin, ” details Fernando.

It was a quick and sensational question: “I have never hidden that I was happy with the progress of the car and the team, for all that we have achieved in history. But it was a decision logic, Aston trusted my abilities on and off the track to make the project work, and they wanted to have me. When in one place you feel like you’ve been left behind and in another you’re welcomed with open arms, the decision is easier.” Alonso agreed.

The Spaniard wants to say goodbye to his usual team with a podium or a victory in one of the remaining nine races and that does not change for a team that is fighting for fourth place in the World Championship and needs every point in the fight with McLaren. Alpine is not interested in one of its drivers not scoring as many points as possible, no matter how many they decide not to renew.

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