Belgian F1 GP 2022: Red Bull would have a chassis with 4 kilos less at Spa and that worries Ferrari

Belgian F1 GP 2022: Red Bull would have a chassis with 4 kilos less at Spa and that worries Ferrari

Pthat to the 80 points that Max Verstappen has in the lead of the World Cup compared to Charles Leclerc and to the 97 that Red Bull brings back to Ferrari in the Manufacturers, Adrian Newey and his technical team have decided to give a final blow in the current F1 season. After 13 trials race with a car that was with a car that was about 8 kilos above 798 kg, qWhat is the minimum weight set by the regulations for these 2022 single-seaters, those of Milton Keynes They finally received their lightweight chassis this weekend.

It was originally planned for Singapore (October 2), but according to various sources in the paddock, the two Max and Checo Prez got the new monocoque, homologated with its corresponding crash test, in Free Practice 1 and 2 of the Belgian Grand Prix.

It is estimated that the RB18 was about 8 kilos above the indicated minimum weight of 798 kilos and only Mercedes was in a similar situation. The rest, like McLaren, Haas, Aston Martin and Williams, as well as Ferrari are more than 3 kilos overweight, whereas Alpine and Alfa Romeo are already close to the “ideal” weight.

four pounds lighter

In this way, at Red Bull they lose four and place themselves in figures very close to Ferrari, around 802 kilos. The account is not difficult to consider, if with four extra pounds Verstappen has ratified 80 points at Leclerc, what does Alya Sainz expect in the 9 meetings remaining for the end of the course?

The difference of 0.8 seconds Max achieved in free practice 2 on Leclerc This may begin to indicate that the one-lap hegemony of the F1-75, where it achieved 8 poles (7 from Chearles and 1 from Carlos) could be seriously compromised. The Dutchman achieved 3 and the Czech 1, with Russell (Hungary) completing the list of best positions of the season. This superiority of Ferrari could now come to an end.

The World Cup is very sketchy, otherwise virtually awarded to the current champion, but this new chassis, which serves as the basis for the 2023 car and supposes a saving on the account of the budget of the next campaign, has sown concern in the ranks of Ferrari. They are convinced that Red Bull has already mounted it on Friday, although the Austrian team maintains a dead silence.

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