Belgian F1 GP 2022: Why Vettel was crossed over and Alonso floated the option

Belgian F1 GP 2022: Why Vettel was crossed over and Alonso floated the option

Sand said there was a turning in the walk of Sebastian Vettel in F1, a Grand Prix where everything changed and where Lawrence Stroll, owner of Aston Martin, gave him the cross and where the option of Fernando Alonso. From the comments in the paddock, it all started at the Canadian Grand Prix (June 17-19), over two months ago.

The trigger for the monumental anger of To stroll father were statements by Seb, in which he criticized the massive felling of trees in the region of Alberta, in the so-called bituminous lands. “I believe that what is happening in alberta is a crime because you’re cutting down a lot of trees and basically destroying the place just to extract oil. And the way to do that is with bituminous soils. Oil drilling is horrible for nature and, obviously, Canada’s greenhouse gas emissions have increased since they started doing it,” the German criticized without restraint ahead of the Grand Prix.

On Saturday, Alberta’s Minister of Energy, Sonya Savage, Please feel free to respond to someone whose lifestyle is based on cars that burn fossil fuels and move the Grand Circus from place to place on planes every week with its consequent footprint for the environment. In addition to benefited from hundreds of millions euros thanks to this industry of competitive racing.

“I’ve seen a lot of hypocrisy over the years, but this one takes the cake. A driver sponsored by Aston Martin, with funding from Saudi Aramco (Saudi oil company), complains about the tar sands. Saudi Aramco has the biggest daily production of crude oil in the world. It is the company that emits the most global emissions since 1965,” the Canadian official said angrily.

Aramco shouted to the sky

He was right, and Aramco, the Saudi oil company, one of the most powerful in the world, is not only a sponsor of Aston Martin, but also the owner of the 16% of the shares of the squire. It hurt them to see themselves involved in this controversy around a pilot whose salary they religiously pay (for a few 17 million euros per year), as was the case for Stroll, Canadian, residing in Montreal, and to whom politicians of his country have asked for explanations for Vettel’s speech.

And at that time, it is said that there was an informal call to Fernando and other pilots to find out their situation. The Spanish you see Alpine’s reluctance to offer him two years and began to feel bad in his current team, listening to the president Meo (in Barcelona) say they had to find “a solution that satisfies our three pilots”, when asked about the revival of Asturian. It was his answer to Albert Fbrega on the Grand Prix grid of Spain, which left fans and reporters alike puzzled. Even so, Alonso thought he would end up renewing for two more classes.

touch of attention

Stroll drew Vettel’s attention to what happened in Canada then the setbacks accumulated for the German, such as the fine for having left the pilots’ meeting in Austria or the “brake test” of his own partner, Lance Strollthe owner’s son, in the last lap at Paul Ricard.

Some say that after this episode, Seb lost the desire to continue in this team and in F1. “I don’t want to go on,” he reportedly told Stroll’s father that Monday before recording the video (Hungarian Wednesday) in which he announced his Withdrawal that same Thursday.

Was there a warning?

But other sources claim that they offered him a very low salary to renew, due to its poor year-round performance and the warning that the impossibility of exercising certain criticisms in his speech would be envisaged in the contract. There was no harmony between the two and Vettel decided to leave. You can do this after amassing a fortune from machines that pollute, constantly steal, and car brands that have paid you for it. Something drastically changed in his mind at first sight. Some will call this consistency, others, like the Canadian minister, simple hypocrisy or demagoguery.

Red Bull would have done the same in his time if Vettel had pointed out that energy drinks are poison for young people, or something like that. It falls by its own weight.

The rest has already been counted by Alonso at Spa, in all its details:call, meeting, quick understanding and signing of the contract on Monday morning August 1, before the announcement of his transfer to Aston Martin. Just a detail, in Austria, two weeks before the Hungarian GP, ​​after the battery failure and the bad screwing on Sunday, some journalists already knew that the Spaniard would drive for the Silverstone team in 2023.

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