Bianca Andreescu’s roller coaster

Bianca Andreescu’s roller coaster

For several months, it seems that Bianca Andreescu pleasure to be on the track and on the circuit again, even if it has not always been the case. Injury was the main reason the Canadian made the complicated decision to walk away from what she loved the most, almost by force. This obligation provoked a repulsive reaction from the tennis player, who at that time only wanted to get away from everyone. This is how Bianca confessed a few days before the start of the U.S. Open in an exclusive interview with The Guardian.

From hate to love

“I literally wanted to quit this sport. It was so bad. I didn’t want to hear or think about tennis. Nothing close even in the first three months of my absence. Then, after three months, I realized that I really missed him. I need him in my life.”

Complicated life on the circuit with the pandemic

“I couldn’t see my parents or my friends. In tournaments you only go from the hotel to the courts and vice versa. You cannot leave. You can’t do anything else. I would say when I tested positive for COVID-19 and had to leave Madrid, that’s when I started to go downhill.

Honestly, at that time everything was a bit sad. I was accommodated in the most beautiful house in the tournament as defending champion. I sat there thinking how happy and grateful I should be and how much I had already won the tournament and hated everything.

For a split second, I think I don’t want to go on like this. How will he improve? It was so cool in 2019 and now I feel that way. But my soul knew it. I knew it was something meant for me. I’m here to stay.”

His role at the US Open

“Obviously I want to win the tournament, but there’s something else that goes with that, the whole process. The ability to have fun on the track. Prepare myself as best I can. Not letting anything define me, not even mistakes. “

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