Biden Says Musk’s Ties With Other Countries ‘Worth Attention’

Biden Says Musk’s Ties With Other Countries ‘Worth Attention’

Biden Says Musk’s Ties With Other Countries ‘Worth Attention’

  • President Joe Biden said Elon Musk’s ties to foreign countries are “worth noting.”
  • He added that he was not suggesting Musk was doing “anything inappropriate.”
  • A Saudi prince and an affiliate of Qatar’s sovereign wealth fund are major investors in Musk’s Twitter.

President Joe Biden said Wednesday night that Elon Musk’s dealings with foreign countries are “worth looking at” in light of the billionaire’s purchase of Twitter.

The president was asked if he thought Musk and his purchase of Twitter posed a “threat to US national security,” given Musk’s business dealings with foreign governments such as Saudi Arabia.

Biden smiled and paused in thought before answering. “I think Elon Musk’s cooperation and, or, technical relations with other countries are worth considering,” he told reporters at White House press conference.

“Whether he’s doing something inappropriate or not, I’m not suggesting that. I’m suggesting he’s worth a look, and that’s all I’m going to say,” he added.

Saudi Prince Alwaleed bin Talal, a longtime investor in Twitter, became the social media platform’s second-largest shareholder after helping finance Musk’s $44 billion purchase. Alwaleed’s holding company now owns $1.89 billion worth of Twitter stock, his office said last month.

A subsidiary of Qatar’s sovereign wealth fund also invested $375 million in the business, among other investors such as Twitter co-founder Jack Dorsey and crypto exchange Binance.

China is a key manufacturing base for Musk’s carmaker Tesla, which established a “gigafactory” in Shanghai in 2018. half of Tesla’s global deliveries in 2021.

Sen. Chris Murphy of Connecticut, Democrat, on October 31 called for an investigation into national security risks that may come from Saudi holdings in Twitter.

“We should be concerned that the Saudis, who have a clear interest in suppressing political speech and influencing American policy, are now the second largest owner of a major social media platform,” he tweeted.

White House officials had previously denied reports to plan a security audit of Musk’s dealings with Twitter.

“A national security audit, that’s not true,” he said White House Press Secretary Karine-Jean Pierre on October 24.

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