Biden was “expressing solidarity” when he said “we will liberate Iran,” the White House says

Biden was “expressing solidarity” when he said “we will liberate Iran,” the White House says


President Joe Biden was “expressing solidarity” with the protesters when he said at a campaign event late Thursday that “we will liberate iran,“, the spokesperson of the White House clarified on Friday.

The comment drew an angry response from the government in Tehran and left despite the president’s previous statementswhich was carefully worded so as not to suggest direct US involvement in the protest movement.

Biden told the crowd in California: “Don’t worry, we will free Iran, they will be free soon.”

A day later, the White House said Biden was expressing support for the protest movement and was not signaling a new approach.

“He again expressed our solidarity with them,” said John Kirby, communications coordinator for the National Security Council. He said Iran’s leadership was “facing problems of their own making.”

“The president has been pretty clear about this … we will continue to look for ways to hold the regime accountable for the way they treat their own people,” he said.

Still, Kirby said the U.S. has no indication that Iran is on the verge of regime change, despite Biden’s remark that the Iranians “will break free pretty quickly.”

Biden made the announcement at a campaign event in Southern California for the embattled House Democrat after audience members brought up the topic with a sign on a phone reading “FREE IRAN.”

Protests have spread across Iran following the death of a young woman who was detained by the country’s morality police. The president expressed his support for the protests and his own administration imposed sanctions last month on some Iranian officials for their treatment of protesters.

Although the Biden administration has been vocal in its support of the Iranian protests, its previous messages have sought to avoid any implication that the US is in any way involved in directing the current movement.

Iranian authorities have repeatedly tried to blame the US and other foreign governments for the ongoing demonstrations that have gripped the nation since mid-September.

Iranian President Ebrahim Raisi hit back at Biden for expressing support for the protest movement and vowing to “liberate Iran” during a televised address on Friday.

“A few hours ago I was informed that the President of America was away [said], ‘We will soon liberate Iran.’ We were liberated 43 years ago, and Iran will never be your cash cow,” Raisi said.

“America aims to destroy our national unity and coherence. Americans like to repeat the experience of Libya, Syria and some other countries here,” he continued.

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