Bills Vs. Rams and Seahawks Vs. Broncos steal the show in NFL Week 1

Bills Vs. Rams and Seahawks Vs. Broncos steal the show in NFL Week 1

Additionally, he will call the Buccaneers presentation, led by a 45-year-old Tom Brady, taking on the Cowboys on opening day.

Thursday night’s game between the Buffalo Tickets and the champions Los Angeles Rams and that of Monday, with the Seattle Seahawks before the Denver Broncosattract attention during the opening week of the 2022 season of the NFL.

The bone Invoices are marked as one of the favorites to reach the Super Bowl LVII and will be put to the test as soon as they are presented in the Sofia Stadium residence of the monarchs of NFL.

The quarterback is expected Josh AllenPro Bowl in 2020, explodes with Buffalo and improve on the 4,407 yards he had last year, in which he was eighth-best, and the 36 touchdowns that put him seventh in the NFL in this line.

In defense the Invoices they lost their star, the cornerback Tre’Davious Whitewho underwent cruciate ligament surgery and won’t see action until Week 5. The rookies Kaiir Elam there Christian Benford they will try to fill the void for white people.

The bet couldn’t be more risky because these guys will cover the Super Bowl LVI MVP Cooper Kuppwinner of the Triple Crown in 2021 as the receiver with the most yards, receptions and touchdowns.

The air attack of Rams will be led by Matthew Staffordthe second quarterback in touchdown passes in 2021, had 41, and the third most passing yards, 4,886, despite an elbow injury all season.

Stafford this discomfort was dealt with during the offseason and he did not play during the preseason to be ready for the opener.

For Monday waiting to see the ferryman Russell Wilson at the forefront of the offensive Denver Broncos against his former team, the Seattle Seahawkshosts one of the most anticipated duels of 2022.

With the arrival of Wilsonwho signed a five-year, $245 million contract, the Broncos are favorites to compete for the West title of the FCA.

The 33-year-old quarterback played 10 years in Seattle, a team with which he won a superbowland for the first time it will be your opponent.

sunday the rookie Trey Lance will begin his first campaign as a starter in the San Francisco 49ersbefore the Chicago Bearsin front of the veteran Jimmy Garoppolowho will be the replacement

In another game, the Pittsburgh Steelerscon Mitch Trubisky as the senior quarterback, they will meet the AFC champions on Cincinnati Bengalsof the quarterback Joe Terrier; a clash between one of the NFL’s fiercest rivalries dating back to 1970.

also on sunday Tom Brady45-year-old smuggler Tampa Bay Buccaneerswill appear in his 23rd campaign in which he will look to reach an eleventh Championship duel to win the eighth superbowl of her career; Your first hurdle will be Dallas Cowboys.

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