Brown on Szafnauer’s comments: ‘It seems a bit silly’

Brown on Szafnauer’s comments: ‘It seems a bit silly’

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Piastri will race for McLaren next year after the F1 Contract Recognition Board (CRB) ruled out Alpine, which has defended the Australian’s link with the French team.

At Spa, before the decision of the CRB, the boss of the Alpine team, Szafnauer, said he was “very” sure they would win the case, in addition to question the integrity of Piastri not giving back all the support they had given him.

CEO of McLaren Racing, Brown, and the F1 team principal, Andreas Seidl, with refrained from commenting on the case until the announcement of the result; an approach Brown considered more cautious in the long run.

“Before the CRB decision, they didn’t know what they didn’t know and we deliberately kept quiet,” Brown said during the IndyCar finale at Laguna Seca last week.

“Now that the sentence and some details are out, I think it’s clear what happened. We recognized there was a lot of noise, but we knew the truth would come out at some point.”

“At that time, we weren’t oblivious to the noise from the media or some messages from the fans. But now we feel very comfortable, because the decision of the CRB has been made public, and it’s very clear” .

Brown said that the decision to remain silent on the decision of the Piastri has not been influenced by contractual disputes relating to Alex Palou in IndyCar, where McLaren and Chip Ganassi Racing have claimed to have an agreement with him for 2023.

Palou announced on Wednesday that he would stay at Ganassi for 2023, but has an agreement with McLaren to do a series of tests in a Formula 1 car.

Brown he said that the cases of Piastri and Palou were “two completely different issues which, unfortunately, coincided at the same time” and caused backlash from some fans.

“There’s been a lot of controversy, but we haven’t really commented on anything here either. [en la IndyCar]”, said Brown.

“It’s better to let things happen, and there will be time to talk later. If you look at Otmar’s comments, I was sure that the CRB would agree with them, and Now I think that sounds a bit silly.”

“So I think it’s best to keep your mouth shut and comment later when there’s something concrete to say.”

Once the CRB announced that the contract for Piastri McLaren being the only one valid for 2023, the team was quick to announce him as part of his training from next year, replacing Daniel Ricciardo.

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